New lightning, Yak-9, new 4K skins, so much more for IL-2 4.006!

Hot on the heels of patch 4.005 is 4.006 for IL-2: Great Battles and it’s shaping up to be another substantial patch for the series with a lot of great content to look forward to. Today’s developer diary detailed a variety of features and showed us more of what will make the new deferred shading system look so good. Let’s have a look!

Deferred shading side-by-side!

The new lighting system is a huge advancement for IL-2’s visuals and it has both practical applications as well as offering up some added eye candy. In addition to providing for improved visuals on the inside with better rendering inside the cockpit and on cockpit glass, we also have some substantially improved visuals on the exterior of aircraft.

Look at these side by side images showing off new 4K skins for the La-5 Series 8 and He111H-6 as well as how the P-38J-25 and Albatross D.Va look under the new scheme. Also look at the reflections in the grass and the added lighting details on trees which show some visual improvements in a few scenes as well (particularly in the Albatross image).

The 4K skins make a big difference but so does the updated lighting system bringing new details and shades of colour that help give the aircraft depth and detail that we haven’t see before in this series.

The developers have also posted on the Russian version of the IL-2 forum suggesting that deferred shading and the improvements that we’ve seen so far are just the start of their efforts to make use of this new technology in their engine.

Damage model for Flying Circus, tank AI improvements for Tank Crew, other updates

There’s a long list of updates and improvements coming in 4.006. Sometimes the community wonders if they are listening and this is yet again an example of some key features being taken seriously and developed further by 1CGS.

Top on the Flying Circus Vol 1 list is the damage model which, after the updates introduced in the last patch, have caused some issues for WWI aircraft. Between tweaking of the basic values plus the discovery that some values for WWI aircraft may have been off for a long time, it looks like 1CGS has maybe found a good spot for Flying Circus.

Tank AI for Tank Crew has been a problem too with AI gunners having the ability to see through trees, shrubs, and other objects in the scenery. Your AI gunners could engage targets you’d otherwise never see. Well… this is not fully solved but 1CGS has made it an option for multiplayer servers. A good step!

Other updates:

  • Yak-7 and Bf110 get systems and flight model updates
  • Tank Crew assault guns can be directed to fire on a heading and at distance as directed by platoon leaders
  • New FXAA mode for graphics (trading some graphics for better performance with anti-aliasing still enabled)
  • Updated water surface visualization
  • 4K textures for aircraft (La-5 Series 8 and He111H-6 confirmed, others possible?)

More images of the Yak-9 and 9T

Finally, the update rounds itself out with some more tantalizing images of the Yak-9 and Yak-9T Collector Plane. Can’t wait to fly this latest model of the Yak series to enter IL-2: Great Battles.

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  1. Oyster says:

    This year’s IL-2 seems to have more energy than before!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. edelweik says:

      Totally agree, it really seems that the devs have become attached to a Roadmap, and that’s nice to see !


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