The latest updates on Task Force Admiral Vol 1’s Pacific Fleet battles

Drydock Dreams Games Task Force Admiral has had a lot happening for it since I last wrote an update about the title. Putting the player in charge of an entire naval task force and giving them the ability to command the sea and the skies at the same time in what looks like a really engaging simulation of the Pacific War is one that continues to gather plenty of attention. Here are just some of the updates to get you up to speed on what the developers at Drydock Dreams Games have been up to recently.

Big and small announcements

There have been big and small announcements from Drydock Dreams Games with the biggest being that they are now developing and publishing their Task Force Admiral Vol 1 title with the newly reinvigorated MicroProse.

According to Drydock Dreams Games, signing with a publisher has been a major step forward for their team. It’s a dramatic statement that goes on to say,

Finally, a little unexpected bonus to this monthly update. I am proud to announce that Drydock Dreams Games signed with a publisher just a few days ago in order to bring Task Force Admiral vol.1 to a new level of potential and polish. This is the result of a long and productive discussion we had with like-minded people. I wouldn’t call this so much a negotiation than a mutual, open-minded exchange on how to use this opportunity to redefine the usual Developer-Publisher relationship. I am happy to say that we reached a consensus which, in our humble opinion, might deliver soon a paradigm shift in the way this business is done in our niche – that is, wargames, history games & simulations.

Developer blog

When that was written, we didn’t know it was MicroProse that would be the publisher but after the announcement it’s clear that MicroProse is interested in partnering with a number of developers such as Drydock Dreams Games in order to return some of these engaging wargame titles to the spotlight.

With a little luck they will because Task Force Admiral is really coming together.

New trailer and all kinds of mini-updates

The new trailer, released a week ago, contains all kinds of new footage of Task Force Admiral with a heavy emphasis on the flight side of the title. You can’t fly these aircraft into combat but you can command the actions that put them there and then watch to see what happens.

Aircraft turned the tide of the Battle of Midway and the war in the Pacific and they will here as well with the strong possibility that fleets may never meet. The battle instead will be determined by the aircraft and the strategies employed to get them to the enemy fleet and back again.

There have been plenty of smaller updates coming from the developers. Here are just a small smattering of the notable ones in the last couple of months that you may want to look into.

These updates from the developers show a huge variety of features that they are tackling. From making sure that an accurate number of aircraft can be crammed onto a carrier deck to making sure that each ship’s unique construction is captured to making sure those beaches and breakwaters look accurate and appropriate for the south Pacific. Drydock Dreams Games seems to have it all in hand!

Check out their developer blog, visit their website, or check them out on Twitter or Discord.

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  1. Fernando says:

    MicroProse is back !! My first game from them was Gunship in Commodore 64. Hope many remakes will arise!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Jackflash says:

    This is going to be a day one purchase for me. It really does look like the game I’ve been waiting for since my obsession with carriers at war on Mac in the early 90s.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Jack, kind words are most appreciated 🙂

      The team

      Liked by 1 person

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