Latest beta footage, updates from Cliffs of Dover Blitz’ desert war

Team Fusion Simulations latest released video is perhaps the most polished look we’ve yet had to show off their work on their North Africa desert war follow up Cliffs of Dover Blitz. Let’s have a look!

The newest footage

Showing off the sights and sounds of TFS 5.0 with their latest beta footage, there is a mix of air and ground battles showing off what the latest version of the sim can do. There’s a bit of everything from the Ju87 on the video thumbnail to the Cr.42 and Gladiator fight to a series of tank clashes and some Wellington’s bombing a target area.

We’re of course waiting now to find out when TFS 5.0 and the North Africa based title will be released. I would guess that release is coming soon as the development has clearly moved into beta and as I said at the start – the title is looking its most polished yet.

A few development updates

There’s also been some developer updates from Team Fusion on their Twitter account. The first shows off what looks like their finished effort on the MC.202. The Folgore (or Thunderbolt) looks to be extremely detailed and that includes the cockpit.

There’s also some visual updates for the damage modeling

Finally, we have some work in progress screenshots of the Leander and Leipzig light cruiser class including the unique disruptive camouflage schemes.

More to come!

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  1. Michael Thomas Dwyer says:

    Looks very interesting, I like the Leipzig and the German seaplane. Should be interesting.


  2. VK-94 says:

    I feel this game does not generate a lot of interest among the sim community and I wonder why. It looks amazing and covers a very interesting period of WWII.

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    1. Novice-Flyer says:

      A lot of people are just holding back something that happened 9 years ago and don’t want to move on.

      The re-release of the game as a better version than the original (fixed many bugs/problems, added some planes, many of which were just variants, while the Beaufighter went from AI to flyable, and some map fixes) was okay, but it still left some bugs in it.

      The release of the Tobruk will be more of an impact as the map, planes, ground vehicles and ships are all made by Team Fusion.

      Failure to buy the Tobruk expansion is just quietly kissing goodbye any chance of flying a Swordfish against Taranto and the Bismarck, and off Aircraft Carriers, VR implementation, etc.

      Let’s buy Tobruk and fly the Wellington🙂.

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  3. Pattle says:

    Thanks for your comments. The new ships are looking awesome. The seaplane is AI to be clear. Best way the community can find out about the new expansion is by sites like Stormbirds assisting with promoting updates (thank you) and people sharing our updates to generate greatly publicity. Cheers, Pattle


  4. gn728 says:

    I had asked – a few times – about 5.0’s SP content – which Buzzsaw fully answered yesterday. You might consider posting that info here as well….


  5. Pattle says:

    Novice-Flyer – You are spot on. Thanks.

    GN-728, that information will form part of an update soon. There are a number of improvements in the single player space, and major improvements for mission builders to make it easier, and quicker to make epic battles.

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  6. gn728 says:

    That sounds great – thanks…..

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