IL-2 patch 4.007 introduces new VR zoom, other options

Patch 4.007 for IL-2: Great Battles is out and while the new content is relatively small (the Ju87D-3 gets 4K textures) there are plenty of other changes under the hood for this update that 1CGS wanted to get out to us before patch 4.008 brings with it a whole bunch of new things including some big changes for VR zoom and the popular use of Reshade.

Of zoom and Reshade

Spotting and VR zoom- the big hot button topic that I’ve started writing editorials about and then had to stop and start over a few times because the ground shifted as I was writing it. A popular mod called ‘3dmigoto’ brought in an improved VR zoom function for VR players who were having spotting and aircraft identification problems, unfortunately, it introduced the same feature for 2d players who it later turned out were using it to gain visibility well past the intended limits for IL-2.

I could write a whole piece on it and may yet do so but suffice to say it caused some discussions in the community and the mod was eventually limited and removed.

1CGS has been listening through the controversy and have introduced some changes both in 4.006 and even more in 4.007. This line in the patch notes is going to interest you especially if you use VR,

Five new mappable (RCtrl+NumPad_Del,1,2,3,0 by default) zoom commands have been added that allow quick zooming to various degrees (minimal, maximal and 3 intermediate levels). Zoom value set by a mouse or joystick axis or keyboard keys is not affected by the new quick zoom and after releasing a quick zoom button the FOV will return to the one set by an axis. These new commands work in either 2D or VR mode. The old ‘VR zoom’ command has been deprecated (its equivalent is the new maximum quick zoom, RCtl+NumPad_0);

There is also this line that will be of particular note as the debate over various add-ons for IL-2 rages on.

New multiplayer server option “Restrict Injectors” allows the server hosters to restrict access for users with graphics injectors like Reshade or 3dmigoto;

Reshade has been particularly popular for a long time now while 3dmigoto has only recently received any popularity (and notoriety). In both cases the issues of aircraft spotting have come up and that many have reported that they are using them to improve their contrast of aircraft or make spotting them easier. Suffice to say I think spotting has gotten noticeably better in 4.006 but many still may want to make use of these tools either for visual enhancements in the case of Reshade or for better VR visibility (3dmigoto).

With this new feature, 1CGS is letting server owners and operators determine how they want to approach these issues. It lets the community decide if they wish to allow or not allow. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the coming weeks and months.

Plenty of other updates

While those are the big hot items for 4.007, there are some smaller updates to including new 4K skins for the Ju87D-3, improvements to the binoculars for Tank Crew, a new visual model for German pilots flying on the eastern front in the summer along with the inclusion of a new sidearm feature, and more. Check the full patch notes here and start your IL-2 launcher or Steam to get the latest update now.

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  1. harryvoyager says:

    I think my real concern with all of that is, while there is real room for debate, but that wasn’t what I saw happen. What I was a group of highly partisan activists calling everyone who disagreed with them cheaters.

    Ultimately that’s very poisonous for any community. Whether or not one agrees or disagrees with the immediate results, in the long term the community will just see more of these sorts of fights, if we don’t take a stand that we need to start from the assumption of good intent on the part of other posters.

    The only way to have these debates is to have them as debates, to go in with the possibility that our opinions, no matter how strongly held, may be wrong, and that the vast majority of players are only here for a good flight sim. If people keep going into these debates just assuming the other guy is a monster it just going to burn the community down.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      An excellent point for sure. Part of the reason why I haven’t been able to do a proper editorial on this is that there are so many competing and polarized opinions that it was difficult to represent those and bring my own in without getting sucked into the whole thing.

      I am glad that the team at 1CGS has taken some steps to resolve the issue but to also let the community make some decisions.


  2. Fernando says:

    Really like the new binoculars for Tank Crew!

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  3. bigalrico says:

    Can only agree with Fernando! The binoculars are great now 😀 And the 4k skins for the Stukas are superb (the one with removed gear covers is my favourite 😀 ). I think it’s a good decision to let the server operators choose what is allowed and what is not. I just hope it will be a little bit more used than alternate visibiility.

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  4. Raptorattacker says:

    Nice one!
    I think that the option of leaving it up to the individual severs to allow or disallow stuff like reshade and the likes is about the only realistic option available to avoid a ‘blanket decision’ on graphical mods. The game is what it is and, if people have a problem with spotting enemies, the problem surely applies to all. If then an individual decides to take an alternative route then the game itself immediately becomes ‘unfair’ within the context of those users (in a multiplayer environment, of course).
    Personally it doesn’t really affect me as I have limited (and VERY blurry) use of one eye anyway so I am at a constant disadvantage if it came to a ‘spotting competition’! I do see the dilemma with the online MP theatre though. There are, of course, the ubiquitous comments on various graphical environments where people can have the tendency to completely under appreciate the complexities of putting together a game that satisfies ALL and seemingly presuming that ALL have the same rigs as themselves etc (which obviously ISN’T the case).
    Rather the Devs than ME on that score.
    Anyway, cheers Shamrock, the discussion continues!

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  5. CanadaOne says:

    Haven’t flown it much since the update, but those 4K Stuka textures are gorgeous. Might play around with the zoom functions, that could be fun.

    Liked by 1 person

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