Team Fusion’s latest update shows off enhanced damage effects

The latest update from Team Fusion shows off their latest efforts to enhance the damage modeling effects for some of their new aircraft. The latest aircraft featured is the Spitfire Vb (tropical) which is showing off some pretty cool damage effects in this latest update.

A lot of detail!

One of the things that IL-2: Cliffs of Dover has done extremely well for years now is offer really good damage detailing. Fortunately Team Fusion Simulations hasn’t shied away from that for their next update as the latest image of the Spitfire Vb can attest. Have a look below.

Although this kind of detailing takes extra time and effort, the finished effect is certainly impressive. I particularly like the access door at the back of the Spitfire that has been completely blown away.

These and other images are being shared on the Team Fusion Simulation twitter account. Be sure to give it a follow!


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  1. _Robert says:

    This is looking great. Man I wish VR was implemented, maybe one day.

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