DCS World bug fixing, new WWII radars, and sale underway

There’s been a lot said in the community over the last several weeks when it comes to bugs and performance issues in DCS World and it looks like Eagle Dynamics is adjusting course to match. This week’s DCS World Weekend News update focuses in on bug fixes, two new types of radar for the WWII asset pack, and the latest sale that is underway. Here are the details!

Motivating feedback

Eagle Dynamics reports in their latest newsletter that they have received ‘motivating feedback’ on many of the issues in DCS World. Indeed there have been quite a lot of bugs and problems that users, myself included, have encountered over the last several patches not to mention some severe performance losses at times. All of these need to be dealt with for users to begin to have an enjoyable experience again and it seems that Eagle Dynamics is working hard to do that.

According to them, they are tracking and actively working on quite a few bugs. Here’s what they had to say,

We have logged and are actively tracking over 2,500 bugs. In the last week, we have squashed close to 283 bugs and will continue this pace for the next two weeks.

It appears to be an all hands on deck approach to bug fixes. This combined with the previously announced change in release cadence will hopefully have some impacts over both the short and long term. They go on to say,

We have decided to change the release schedule of DCS World Open Beta in order to allow for more detailed Quality Assurance and testing periods, but most importantly for our team to fix bugs and enhance performance.

And it’s those last two points, the bugs and performance, that has really eaten into my enjoyment and many others out there as well. It’s unfortunately not limited to just the beta release cycles either as many of those bugs have persisted in the stable launches too. This new direction will hopefully solve some issues, earn back some enjoyment, and let us get back to a more enjoyable sim experience.

We know DCS World and Eagle Dynamics can deliver very cool content and an incredible sim experience and I’m still confident that they will solve problems and get back on track.

Freya and Würzburg-Riese for WWII assets

While it appears that most of the Eagle Dynamics team is working on bug fixes, the artists still need something to do and they are certainly delivering as well with two new highly detailed assets for the WWII pack.

Meet the Freya and Würzburg-Riese radar sets. The two worked in conjunction with each other to provide detection for Allied air units. With DCS World’s already extensive radar modeling in-place, I expect these will have some interesting overall effects for both single and multiplayer in the future. Until then, we can enjoy the latest images of the artwork on these.

For all of this and more, visit the latest DCS World Weekend News update right here.

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  1. Gretsch_Man says:

    The news about introducing the German Freya and Würzburg-Riese radars sounds intriguing to me!

    So far I’ve been flying only post WW2 stuff in DCS, but should ED decide to also introduce some Lichtenstein equipped Luftwaffe night fighters plus RAF bombers like the Lancaster to shoot at, I’m in!

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