Deadstick developers are switching up their community updates

A common request in the Deadstick community is for more updates from the developers, REMEX Software, and the developers have responded with a promise for some more in-depth information. We’ve also learned that the closed beta is starting later this year. Here’s the latest!

A message to the community

The video response to community requests comes from Remex Lead Developer, Chris Cheton, (sorry if I got the name wrong) who is working on the Deadstick project. The message from Chris is that they are going to be changing up their social updates with a new approach.

REMEX are promising more video content instead of the more frequent but less in-depth social updates. I’m thinking that they are going to be doing something that is a bit more like the feature discovery series that Microsoft Flight Simulator has been using.

The message also teases new reveals and previously unmentioned mechanics that they are developing within the sim.

Other updates and beta sign-up

The devs have shared some recent updates that you may not have seen including a few of these gems.

The last one is pretty interesting as it showcases some of the scenery development that is going on and the effort put into making different areas within Deadspace have their own history. I’m excited to see more of that as time goes on.

Meanwhile, you can still sign up for their closed beta test right here.

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  1. Mischiew Rithe says:

    Those first videos left me dreaming back then, it’s good news they try and do more!

    I really admire those very small and passionate teams going on for so long and not giving up! And they often come up with very interesting results, usually features that users would love to have but that more business-oriented teams discarded as not profitable, or too complicated. Some times it takes some craziness to create great stuff 😉

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