How Bodenplatte’s career mode will benefit new planes

Yesterday we learned that when the new P-47D-22 for IL-2: Battle of Normandy is released it will also be available to fly in IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte’s career mode. Now, thanks to a post by IL-2 developer BlackSix on the forums, we’ve learned a little more about how other aircraft from Battle of Normandy will interact with Bodenplatte’s career mode.

Benefits for both titles

One of the things that I always appreciated about IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad was that post launch it got better and more diverse aircraft battles because of the development of Battle of Moscow and then Battle of Kuban after that. The three together added variety of aircraft that ultimately was a benefit to all three titles. The same is going to be true for Battle of Bodenplatte and Battle of Normandy.

Responding to a question asked on the IL-2 forums, BlackSix detailed how there are going to be two different approaches for Battle of Normandy aircraft in Battle of Bodenplatte when it comes to integrating them into the career mode for Battle of Bodenplatte.

All BoN aircraft are divided into two types:

1) P-51B/C, P-47D “Razorback”, Bf 109 G-6 “Late”, Fw 190 A-6 – we can add them to existing squadrons and groups from BoBP career and there is no any problem.

2) Typhoon Mk.Ib, Mosquito F.B. Mk.VI, Spifire Mk.XIV, C-47 Dakota (AI), B-26 Marauder (AI), Ar 234 – for these aircraft we’ll have to add several dozens of new units to the BoN and BoBP careers, write their stories and draw emblems. Most likely they will appear in the BoBP career on time with the BoN release.

BlackSix on the IL-2 forums

It’s obviously easier for the developers to work in the planes developed for Battle of Normandy into mixed squadrons that already exist in the career than to create whole new squadrons. Still, it’s nice to know that a Typhoon pilot could play all the way from the beginning of the Normandy Career to the end of the Bodenplatte career almost uninterrupted if that was the desire.

No doubt, the Normandy career will benefit from other aircraft as well. I can see the Spitfire Mark IXe, P-38J, Fw190A-8 and others making their way into Normandy careers without much of a problem. The Spitfire Vb and Bf109G-6 could do that as well. So when Normandy is finished it will have a big impact to owners of Battle of Bodenplatte even if they don’t own Normandy – those aircraft will become part of the collection that are flying in 1944-1945 Europe scenarios.

That’s always a nice thing to see!

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  1. bigalrico says:

    I saw that too. I was already curious if we would see the BON planes available for BOBP careers before the actual release of Normandy. Now I have my answer and I’m really happy about it 😀 The new P-47 (and the incoming changes on the fm) are really interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gretsch_Man says:

    Making planes coming with the Normandy map available for Bodenplatte makes perfect sense to me! Just think about planes like the B26 or the Arado 234. Such planes should feel right at home in Bodenplatte.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Blue 5 says:

    Typhoon! Honestly, that by itself sold me.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jordan Bishop says:

    two words: GRIFFON SPIT

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’m VERY excited about that.


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