First DCS: Syria map video surfaces

A new video has surfaced showing a quick demo flight from Khameime Air Base on the new DCS: Syria map. It may signal the first of what may eventually become a flood of new content for this map. Let’s have a look!

A quick demo

Parked Su-34’s and Su-24’s are easily seen in this Google Earth image.

The Khameime Air Base is just a stones throw away from Latakia and the naval base located there and is located at about the midway point south to north along the Syrian coast. The base is a significant one in the modern day and a quick glance at Google Earth reveals a half dozen Su-34’s, Su-24’s, Ilyushin transports and AWAC’s aircraft arranged on the apron. The DCS version also doesn’t appear to disappoint with plenty of aircraft parked in this demo flight.

Have a look!

Things had been quiet on the DCS: Syria map until just recently. This new YouTube account (it has just this one video) showing off the map suggests that we may see plenty more content on this map now either leaking out or being released officially.

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  1. Pluton says:

    Bonjour,quelqu un sait la date de sortie de la carte Syrie? Ou une approximation? Dans tous les cas moi il me tarde de voler dessus.
    Bon vol a tous


    1. Flappie says:

      English please… Aucune date pour l’instant.


  2. Flappie says:

    Insta-buy for me!


  3. schurem says:

    Oh man! So good. Let the 15th be the day…

    Liked by 1 person

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