Chuck’s Guide for DCS: P-47 is out!

The DCS: P-47D Thunderbolt has only been out for a few weeks now but Chuck from Chuck’s Guides has been busy writing up an all encompassing guide for us to refer to while learning the ins and outs of this new WWII aircraft for DCS World. If you were waiting on the guide… it’s now here!

From turbochargers to flaps to bomb drops

There’s a lot going on in the P-47’s cockpit but Chuck’s Guides should make it easier

Chuck’s Guides are often required reading for me and I know many of you out there won’t dive in-depth into a DCS World module until one of his guides are out. That’s how essential it can be to have and how useful the format he’s fine tuned over the years has proven to be.

As with all Chuck’s Guides, these are in-depth and picture filled affairs with plenty of details. They cover not only on the nuances of button pushing but also on the how and why you might want to push those buttons. From how to operate flaps, to the best ways to pull out of a high speed dive, to the details of recognition lights, and operational tactics for the P-47, you’ll have plenty to study from or reference.

This is a first pass at the manual as well because Eagle Dynamics is filling out their P-47D line-up with the P-47D-30 early, D-30 late (currently available) and D-40.

Download it now

Ready to download Chuck’s Guide? Check the guide out over here on and if you’re a fan of Chuck’s work you can also donate a few dollars to him on his Patreon.

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