Latest DCS: Syria map is a tour of Damascus

A second video for the DCS: Syria map has emerged with Matt Wagner walking us through another tour of the map – this time from the seat of a Mi-8 helicopter. Oh and there’s a couple of fun teases for future modules. Let’s have a look!

Damascus tour

The new map tour shows us plenty of details and just how detailed the map is at low altitude. I was already impressed with the work that Ugra Media has done here with the F-16 video but with this new Mi-8 video you can see even more details flying lower and slower.

The tour takes us through the suburbs and city centre, past some key landmarks, out into the outskirts and into a more arid region around the international airport. It’s a short flight but very impressive.

Matt also makes mention of the performance here with Damscus reportedly being the most resource heavy location on the map. It appears to work fairly well on his system although that is usually the case.

“Hey, what’s that Mi-24 doing there?”

In typical Matt Wagner style, he turned his head early in the video and said the famous line that usually teases the next aircraft to be released. It’s very clearly a reference to the new Mi-24P Hind that the team is working on.

With detail and development well along with this project, it’s likely we’ll see it release into early access before the end of the year. Helicopter fans rejoice!

Matt Wagner also mused about another helicopter, the AH-64 Apache, which he roughly said could be something coming in the future. “Who knows…” While this isn’t outright confirmation, it’s a module that has been teased many times before. Eventually it will happen I’m sure.

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  1. Jeroen says:

    I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to buy another Ugra Media map after the very disappointing Normandy map.

    However after seeing these videos I’m afraid my cc will be charged pretty soon again.

    Very interesting map with a lot of history.

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  2. Gretsch_Man says:

    A beautifully looking map! Can’t wait for some fly over action. I just wonder how heavy that map actually is going to be, at least for us VR pilots.

    IMHO the AH-64 Apache would be a great addition to the DCS module lineup. Having logged many flying hours in Jane’s Apache Longbow and even Gunship (on the C64), I would love to try the Apache in DCS in VR! I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


  3. clannk says:

    In the youtube comments, Wags did confirm that Apache is a “when, not if”, but no further information.

    In the meantime, i’ve been having so much fun in the Mi-8 Hip lately that I’ll be very happy to spend the time waiting in it’s cousin Hind 😉

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