Orbx’s #FlyJuly is offering free airports, discounts

Popular third party scenery developer Orbx has been running their #FlyJuly promotion and the latest free airports and discounts caught my attention. Here’s a brief update on some of the things that you can get right now!

Free airports, bundle discounts

One of the first things that caught my eye today was the announcement that LFLJ Courchevel Airport, located at a ski resort in the French Alps, is free until July 20 at 1am UTC. Flying out of this airport is an absolute joy with its steeply sloped runway and high altitude in the Alps. Definitely worth checking out!

Another piece of news that might catch your interest. Popular flight sim news website Threshold has partnered with Orbx to offer a 20% off discount available until July 31st.

You can also potentially save 25% off buy bundling various Orbx packages this month.


I may have to write some more about this brilliant little airport because its a lot of fun to fly out of. I’ve taken two of my most suited aircraft, the Kodiak Quest G1000 and the Robin DR401 out for a spin from this location and its great fun just to sit at the top of the runway looking down on the steep slope.

Here’s a few screenshots!

This great little airport is free until the 20th on OrbxDirect.

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