Wolfpack345 flies convoy defense in new Desert Wings – Tobruk video!

Flight sim and war gaming YouTuber Wolfpack345 has posted a new video featuring a beta version of the new Desert Wings – Tobruk release showing off a convoy defense mission in the Martlet. Let’s have a look!

Disrupting the attack

Flying support of a convoy traveling along the coast, Wolfpack and his AI wingman are tasked with providing CAP around the convoy and preventing it from being attacked. Before too long, Wolfpack is fighting off multiple enemy aircraft including Ju88 and Ju87’s!

Check out the action packed video and get one of our best look’s at gameplay in Desert Wings – Tobruk.

Desert Wings will be launching later this summer featuring the North Africa theatre and over 40-aircraft including this Martlet, a Royal Navy version of the F4F Wildcat. Lots of new information is coming out and stay tuned for more! Wolfpack also streams IL-2 and Flying Circus regularly and has some great multiplayer and single player content out there so give him a follow too!

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