Microsoft teases VATSIM for Flight Simulator

A short video has been released on the Microsoft Flight Simulator YouTube channel with a 30-second announcement that they are partnering with online flight sim network VATSIM to bring their shared world and integrated ATC experience to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

A feather in the cap

It’s the proverbial feather in the cap – VATSIM is coming to Flight Simulator. Launching on August 18 with the launch of Flight Simulator, VATSIM is an online shared world for flight simulator fans and for both pilots and air traffic controllers in training (or looking to brush up on their skills). This free network offers controllers at locations all across the simulated world with 79,000 active members filling the skies and occupying the towers.

You can check out this live map to see where some of the aircraft are currently flying to and from – just like FlightRadar24 or any of the real world services.

This is a teaser so more details on how VATSIM will work with Flight Simulator are likely still to come.

Update: The developer update has now also been released

It came a bit late and I wondered if we weren’t going to get one. The latest developer update is here and in addition to the VATSIM announcement they are also talking about the closed beta which is supposed to come next week.

New invites are also going out today too so check your inboxes!

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