TorqueSim’s SR22 is set to come out Saturday

If you’ve been awaiting TorqueSim’s high quality SR22 and SR22T for X-Plane, your wait is now almost at an end as the developers have announced the module is releasing this Saturday. Here are the details!

High quality simulation

The new GA aircraft is meant to simulate the real world aircraft as accurately as possible with a detailed and complex flight model, engine model, G1000 perspective, fuel and oxygen systems, maintenance, wear, and failure models all present. The developers also seem to have attempted to get the maximum performance out of the aircraft as they have tweaked and tuned their programming using the X-Plane SDK and multithreading for performance.

Will all of these features come together in a new high quality GA aircraft for X-Plane rivaling some of the best? That is definitely a possibility!

Read the full product description here.


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