New Desert Wings – Tobruk videos come out ahead of release

Ahead of the August 6th release date for Desert Wings – Tobruk, several new videos have come out both official and from various community content creators with what looks like more on the way. Here’s the latest!

Torpedo raids, fighter battles and epic ground conflict

Team Fusion is keen to show off some of the things that Desert Wings promises in terms of content and flight simulation possibilities. Among them are things like torpedo bomber raids, something we haven’t seen in a modern WWII sim in a while along with some exciting fighter battles and an epic ground conflict.

Let’s start with Wolfpack345’s second Desert Wings video. This one shows off two torpedo raids with one featuring the new Wellington bomber while the others shows off the He111 in a low level torpedo attack role.

Next up, JorgeHFJ takes to the skies in the Spitfire Vb for Desert Wings and shows off some fun and exciting dogfight gameplay against some Bf109F’s.

Finally, a video from Team Fusion shows off what the battle on the ground looks like from a Hurricane Mark II skimming just above it. Tracers fly back and forth, tanks roll to their targets, and explosions go off. It looks good!

More videos are apparently due this coming week so stay tuned!

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