DCS: A-10C II information leaks

Eagle Dynamics is setting up a new spot on the DCS World forums for their DCS: A-10C II Warthog release, an upgraded version of the A-10C currently in the sim with new and more modernized systems and weapons. Information has leaked from that setup process revealing internal documentation on what is planned for the A-10C II and the various systems that they are planning to introduce. What does it mean right now and what do we now know? Let’s have a look.

It’s no secret

The A-10C Warthog for DCS World got a cockpit revamp already – this new update takes things a step further

Unlike a rumour spread around on the forums, the source of the information comes from Eagle Dynamics directly in a post that was mistakenly made and then pulled back on the DCS World forums that were being setup for the updated module. Oops!

The document that was posted read a bit more like an internal document than something you’d necessarily post. It’s also, according to Eagle Dynamics, what they would like and fully intend to do barring any complications. So read everything here with a grain of salt and don’t assume that anything you see next is guaranteed to be in – that’s not the case.

Now, here are some highlights from the document:

  • An updated cockpit with new 3D mesh and high res textures that include a weathered option using real world photos to match accurate wear patterns
  • Cockpit to be modified with removal of TISL panel, addition of the Scorpion HMCS (helmet mounted cueing system), ARC-210 radio control heads
  • AGM-65L laser guided Maverick to be added
  • APKWS laser guided rocket system to be added
  • GBU-54 Laser-JDAM to be added – this is a strap on kit for Mk-82 GP bombs with a seeker that has both GPS/INS and laser seeker / detector allowing the bomb to hit moving targets.

Much of the rest of the document details how the various systems work and what their specific usages are. Perhaps Scopion HMCS is the most exciting as the details of what it can do include a visual overlay of the area that the targeting pod can and cannot see on the display. It also includes the ability to mark and select targets, and, if I’m reading this right, even display marker icons for other A-10C II’s in your flight. Very cool.

If you want to see the document yourself, this thread on r/Hoggit has links and discussion points that you may find interesting.

Early days

All of this information is coming from an internal document which is important to keep in mind. It shows what’s planned and what they intend to work on but it doesn’t mean that the finished product will necessarily have all of these features.

Despite that, I feel pretty good that most of these features appear to have sufficient detail and depth so as to allow the team to design what they need to design for this updated A-10. Similar weapons to the APKWS and AGM-65L exist in DCS World already and it’s likely that sources are good enough to support their simulation in the A-10C.

Although it’s clear that Eagle Dynamics is going to start detailing more about their plans for the module with the new forum going in today – it’s likely still a while before this makes progress towards release. There’s already a lot on the plate for the Eagle Dynamics team.

The plan as stated before was for ED to offer an upgrade package to current owners at reduced cost and that the current module would continue to work even if people didn’t do the upgrade. Some have called that into question on what the long term sustainment will be and if say after a major update if this module will continue to work in its older form. Time will tell on those issues.

On the other hand, it looks like this update to the A-10C is comprehensive and based on some requested features from the community. Depending on the cost of the upgrade, this could be a nice update to what I still think most consider to be the most complete and impressive DCS World module ever created.

Check out the new forum for plenty of speculation and hopefully some official new information soon.

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