Rounding up some of the best Microsoft Flight Simulator videos

Just a couple of weeks left before Microsoft Flight Simulator releases. Meanwhile, certain beta testers who are also content creators have been releasing content for all of us to enjoy. There’s plenty of great content out there and here is my curated list of some of the best. Let’s have a look!

Exploring the world of Flight Simulator

Let’s start with Frooglesim who has done his hands on video with the new sim. Frooglesim has covered plenty of different sims over the last few years. Flying near Seattle and over the Microsoft HQ, Froogle walks us through some very cool overall features. For the fans out there, this may not be the basic overview you’re looking for but it is a great introduction for new players – and there are quite a few of you out there! (Welcome BTW!)

In this next video, Squirrel shows off a 49 minute Airbus A320neo flight from Paris to Cardiff. This video does a couple of cool things. First, for everyone who wanted to see if the sim can hold up under a longer flight (by no means a multi-hour transatlantic), this definitely will do the trick. Second, it’s a good look at the A320neo and a look at the level of modeling for the airliner (my comment: it looks pretty good). Finally, this is what happens when you fly from one weather zone to another and what it looks like. Have a watch!

Aus Flight Simmer is working his way through the Flight Lesson series which gives us an insight into what the basic tutorials are like. With such a wide potential audience, it’s great to see Flight Simulator bring us some seriously basic tutorials that assumes nothing and lets new pilots get started.

ObsidianAnt has put together an extremely interesting comparison video showing off what the low, medium, high and ultra graphics look like for Microsoft Flight Simulator. There’s a bunch of different scenarios that we’re run through including what stormy weather looks like.

Another Squirrel video is up next, however, this is a very different video. VFR Night Flying is the subject for this video and his flight over the suburbs near London and into London were breathtaking. The city lights reflecting off the bottom of the clouds are something to behold!

In this next video, quill18 shows off the Scottish highlands and water landings in the Icon A5 – the only amphibious aircraft available at launch.

Let’s end it off with something a bit on the lighter side. AirForceProud95 tries to land a 747… and in classic fashion, it doesn’t go according to plan. It gets better!

Just a few of many great videos out there

There’s plenty of new videos coming out all the time for Flight Simulator 2020. I hope you enjoyed these.

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