Growling Sidewinder’s future of DCS interview with Nick Grey is great

DCS World YouTuber Growling Sidewinder has done an extensive interview with Nick Grey, co-founder of Eagle Dynamics, and talked about the future of the series discussing quite a lot of what they are planning to do and what’s in the pipeline both near and far. Here’s a few key take away’s that you may be interested in as well as a link to the interview!

Key take away’s from the interview

It’s always good and interesting to hear from Nick Grey. He’s someone who has a long history with the DCS, Lock On and Flanker series and has recently taken more of a forward facing role with the company. Growling Sidewinder asked him some fantastic questions and here are just a few of the key takeaways:

  • Plenty of discussion of a new rendergraph engine which will take fuller advantage of multi-core processing on graphics and CPU
  • VR enhancement and experience is a key part of the engine enhancements
  • Work on the dynamic campaign system and the challenges of building a RTS with smarter AI into the sim environment is ongoing and a key priority
  • Working on enhanced AI is on-going and they are hoping to make changes to the quality of AI and the AI will not make as many stupid decisions and will avoid easy kill situations
  • They are now working on content and then testing in a two week by two week cadence
  • Modern Air Comat is still coming and it’s something that they want to help be a bridge between Ace Combat or War Thunder into the more serious DCS World modules

Those are just some of the things that Growling Sidewinder and Nick Grey discussed. Go, have a listen over on his channel and give him a subscribe to tune in to some other great content.

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