New DLC roadmap and interesting media coverage of Flight Simulator

With just 8 days to go until the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator, the new sim is picking up considerable traction all across the gaming news media in ways that most simulators just never get to. This sim has the attention of so many more than typical and that’s produced some interesting news articles including one that details at least some of what Microsoft plans to do post launch for the sim. Let’s have a look at what’s out there!

A roadmap from Windows Central

In an article posted to Windows Central several days ago, new details (to me at least) were mentioned on just what the future would hold for the sim. Here are some of the highlights from the article:

  • Free updates will include the latest in Bing Maps data which will refresh every 28-days as well as simulator and world changes where they plan to add new challenges and simulation enhancing features.
  • Paid DLC packages that are intended to arrive every 2-3 months with the first one confirmed to be focused on helicopters (and possibly first reported by A follow up DLC pack could be focused on gliders.
  • The helicopter DLC is likely to include more than just helicopters and also introduce helipads, missions, and other details to fill out the experience.
  • Reiteration that VR is indeed coming to Flight Simulator.

All in all there’s some good information in there and worth a read on what WindowsCentral is reporting on the future of the sim.

Chasing a hurricane with EuroGamer

Martin Robinson from EuroGamer decided to chase the remnants of hurricane Isaias in the Flight Simulator beta and came away with some incredible images. Ignoring of course the human toll caused by such a storm, the possibilities of real time weather injection put together with possibly the best cloud visuals seen in a flight sim and you have some dramatic details that show off what the tail of the storm looks like.

I did something similar with this storm but because only some members of the press are able to post about their beta experiences I can’t say too much (wait until next week) but the experience here is very representative.

Read the full article on chasing the storm here.

On travel and keeping pilots fresh by CNN

Paul Sillers, a writer at CNN, did a full feature on the new simulation and while many of the points are stuff that enthusiasts already know (the article is aimed at a more general audience of course) I think there are two interesting points that were covered in the article.

First, with the pandemic and the shut down of a lot of world travel, the new simulator and its world replicating engine are one of the few ways that any of us can really try and experience anything approaching travel. While there’s absolutely no replacement for the real thing (and I’m harbouring a serious case of wanderlust right about now) there is definitely the sense that this sim and its technology come at a time where many of us are stuck in place.

Second, Mr. Sillers provides an interesting update on pilots at the moment. An earlier article focused on how Flight Simulator might help with the pilot shortage and encourage more to take on the role. Now, with so many now furloughed, it seems that the situation has changed dramatically – now the sim (and X-Plane, P3D, Aerofly FS2 and others) is beginning to play the role of helping pilots stay current.

Read that article here.

What have you read out there?

It’s genuinely an exciting moment for flight simulation right now as Microsoft Flight Simulator’s return to the market seems to have paved the way for a lot of people to rejoin the hobby or pay a visit for the first time. They may be here because of Flight Simulator but they may soon discover other simulation options out there that offer different experience as well. From X-Plane’s wide variety of experimental and study sim level aircraft (some of them free) to the faster paced combat of IL-2 Sturmovik and DCS World. There’s a lot to like out there.

These are just three articles in the wider press that may help draw people in. What have you been reading and hearing out there?

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  1. Fernando says:

    hope basic helis are not paid DLCs


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I would expect they will be along with sail planes and other aircraft that they bring to the table.

      I’m guessing we’ll see these release in packs and they would probably make them very inexpensive compared to what we’re used to.


  2. Gretsch_Man says:

    I would really like to see both IL-2 Sturmovik and DCS World getting more attention from the general public. Both of these sims deserve it.
    And with the invention of VR, flight sims have become such an awesome experience that IMHO anyone interested in the subject really should try it out. They might be getting into a hobby of a lifetime as a result.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I would very much like to see that happen too. I think we will as some will venture into MSFS, decide they like flying but they also want to get into some combat and then they will begin looking for other options an DCS and IL-2 both present compelling options.


      1. clannk says:

        I REALLY think Eagle Dynamics should port one of their modules into MS FS (and the other sims) for the sole purpose of exposing DCS to the wider flight sim community. What better way to generate interest?

        They wouldn’t need to model weps at all, just throw a Blue Angels or Thunderbirds livery on it…get the idea?

        And drop the Huey in with/after the Helo’s DLC…

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Simfan says:

    ” … decide they like flying but they also want to get into some combat …”
    Indeed !
    Re-living the airial dogfights of the Battle Of Britain, Berlin, Tobruk from the Viewpoint of a Spitfire, a B17 etc, with sometimes tens to hundreds of planes is a very terrifying experience, IMHO, moreso than any MS2020 flight from LA to Tokio can offer !?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. NickJ says:

      It depends on who’s flying…..


    2. stewjw says:

      Flight sims are more than visuals it’s also about the accuracy of the flight model and aircraft systems modelling within the limits of the hardware. Mind you I wish A2A sims would develop planes for DCS and not FSX but I suppose it’s a case of what you know.


  4. solivar says:

    Who would have said flight simulation would ever get this exposure, coverage and interest?
    After a life simulating, I recently got to real flying.
    But as simulation gets more and more real, sometimes I think I can skip the expensive real thing and experience much of it from home. Not the same, you say? Well… even the real flight ‘wow! Factor’ ends up fadeing down, and a good simulator keeps delivering me valuable feelings and sensations.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Great to hear Gliders are coming. I may not come out of this sim then. Flying helicopters in vietnam at last a possibility.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Bill Keech says:

    Pardon my ignorance people. But what does DLC stand for? And what is it?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      DLC is an industry-wide term for ‘downloadable content’ and it replaces the older terminology of ‘add-on’ or ‘expansion pack.’


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