Team Fusion’s next patch for Desert Wings addresses minor bugs

IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings – TOBRUK is officially out but it doesn’t seem like Team Fusion is ready to slow down as the team has provided some details as to what they are working on in their next patch for the title. Here’s what we know!

Bf109 focus

The new Bf109s are the focus of the next update as the team has identified some bugs, notably with the auto radiator system that the aircraft uses, that is robbing some performance potential from the aircraft.

Here’s what Team Fusion had to say in an update on their Facebook page,

It has become clear the 109F’s were significantly down in performance over what they should be. The 109F’s are the first aircraft in the game with automatic radiators and it looks like the code for this, (left over from the original developers) is not completely accurate. The radiators open too soon, before they need to, and stay open longer than they need to. This creates additional drag and affects top speed on the 109F’sWe have adjusted a number of elements on the radiators to reduce the early opening effects. This reduces the excess drag effects and brings up the speed to historical levels. These changes will not affect the climb rate significantly.

Team Fusion Simulations on Facebook

In addition to radiators, the Bf109E-7 and F-4 will now have their pilot armor plate partially removed. This is something that the more experienced Bf109 pilots tended to do and has been a feature request from the community. Unfortunately, the current systems in place prevent the team from making this a selectable modification so for now the plates are going to be removed entirely. This will hopefully not be a permanent thing and it sounds like Team Fusion intends to re-write some code to match,

We are unable currently to allow the player the option to keep or remove the armour… the code needs a re-write. We were going to leave the armour in place until we did the re-write, but its clear the majority of the players want the armour removed.

Team Fusion Simulations on Facebook

In addition to the changes to radiators and armour plate, the team is also tweaking the drag profile on the Bf109F-1, F-2 and F-4’s propeller and the F-4 variant has seen it’s “overheat schedule” redone which should prevent it from overheating as quickly at lower speeds.

The patch is due sometime next week. In the meantime, visit Team Fusion Simulations on Facebook for more.


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