Orbx releases TrueEarth Balearic Islands

Scenery maker Orbx has released their TrueEarth Balearic Islands scenery package for X-Plane 11. This is a smaller scale region than their usual and its a break from U.S. States the team has been working on recently in favour of doing the Balearic islands off the coast of Spain. Here’s the release details.

Holiday destination

TrueEarth Balearic is an interesting product in the TrueEarth series with its break from U.S. States and a rather unique location for flight sim enthusiasts to fly over. There’s also no HD versus SD version of the scenery and instead is offered at one detail level with a download size of 6.98 GB and 24.53 GB installed.

Orbx notes the following features:

  • Crisp and highly detailed 60cm/px aerial imagery
  • Hand-edited texturing with colour corrections
  • Over 150 POIs covering major hotels, attractions, historical buildings across all the Islands
  • Accurate Spanish themed autogen 
  • Highly detailed mesh created from 5M LiDAR data
  • Beautiful accurate vegetation matching colour, type and height
  • Additional helipads on islands

TrueEarth EU Balearic Islands is available from OrbxDirect for $34.95 AUD / US$25.06 / €21,22 / £19.19.

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  1. ClannK says:

    I woulda been all over this last year as i really enjoy these types of regional sceneries.

    But I just can’t get myself to spend any $$ on anything x-plane or p3d at the moment.

    Let’s face it, MS FS2020 is the Ultimate Scenery Package.

    With Orbx sensibly offering both lowered pricing AND discounts for current owners for their FS2020 products, my sim budget is 100% going that way.

    Hopefully, they will slim this region down as appropriate for FS2020 sceneries and release it over there. Happy to consider it if/when!

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      MSFS is going to be very disruptive here in this scenery package space but I think there will be new opportunities too and Orbx seems to be filling them in.

      Meanwhile I think fans of X-Plane will continue to look for packages like this. It’s not going away fortunately.


      1. ClannK says:

        Totally agree.

        I’ve been a long time x-plane fan due to the Mac factor (though I’ve moved on from that aspect) and I expect Laminar Research will continue to soldier on.

        It’s simply interesting to see how my own perceptions/intentions have so completely changed in light of the new world to play in. I won’t know for sure until I get my own hands on it next week, but I can’t see coming back to x-plane for anything but helos.

        It’ll take me long enough to explore the fs2020 world that by the time I really want a Study Level module, they’ll be available, and that’ll keep me firmly cemented in place.

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      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        You may also be happy to know that helicopters are coming and are apparently part of the first DLC package.


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