Eagle Dynamics focuses on DCS: F-16 and F/A-18 roadmap

This DCS World Weekend News update looks to be showing a renewed emphasis on the DCS: F-16C Viper. After a rush to release and some slow updates, fans are wondering when there will be more features coming to the jet and while we don’t yet have a timeline, we do have a roadmap. There are also updates coming in the next open beta to the Hornet. So…here’s what we know.

Viper roadmap laid out

Coming in the next open beta are a bunch of new features including cursor zero, improved
HOTAS commands and air-to-air mode. In-fact, there’s a whole list here:

F-16C Viper TGP updates

  • Coordinates
  • North arrow
  • Meter stick
  • Cursor Zero (CZ)
  • Targeting pod and laser ranging
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Snowplow (SP) mode
  • Grayscale
  • Steering Indicator
  • Steerpoint Distance / Time to Release / Time to Impact Indicator
  • Laser Code Indicator
  • Updated HOTAS commands
  • Corrected steerpoint slew

F-16C Viper updates

  • The flag patch on the pilot now appears correctly in the mirrors.
  • The tank material has been edited
  • The external model has been improved, again.

I am curious what exterior model changes have gone in as the F-16 was already looking superb in my view. We do know that several new liveries are coming and it looks like some more detail has been added to the skins in these preview images.

And there’s more in the pipeline after that. Here’s the roadmap that Eagle Dynamics has presented:

  • Complete the Litening targeting pod
  • AGM-65D/G/H/K/L Maverick
  • Flight model and FLCS tuning
  • HARM Targeting System (HTS)
  • AGM-88C HARM POS and HAS modes
  • Complete Air-to-Air Radar: DTT SAM mode, bullseye, intercept steering cue, ACM Slew,
  • Velocity Search with Range,
  • Landing and takeoff handling tuning
  • Integration of the JHMCS with the HARM Targeting System (HTS), Link 16, AG Mode, and
  • AIFF
  • Sniper XR Targeting Pod

It’s not entirely clear if this roadmap is intended to be sequential although we know that developers are currently working on the AGM-65’s for the F-16C – a task that was started in the spring and appears to be still on-going. With luck we’ll see the AGM-88C and HTS pod introduced before too long as well which would provide an impressive SEAD/DEAD capability.

Hornet updates too

We also know what is coming next to the Hornet with the next open beta introducing a bunch of changes to the Litening targeting pod – similar to what we’re seeing with the F-16C.

F/A-18C Hornet TGP updates

  • Coordinates
  • North arrow
  • Meter stick

F/A-18C Hornet updates

  • The engine has received a sound update (WIP)
  • Major external sounds update
  • Sound phaser bug-fix
  • INS switch initialized in IFA at hot start if GPS available
  • The laser CODE on the SMS main page with guns selected created a conflict
  • AIM-120 bug is fixed, but a similar issue still exists where AIM-120 midcourse updates
    stop if the L&S is stepped to a different trackfile (not the DT2).

More from Eagle Dynamics

This is the meat of the update but there is also more coming from Eagle Dynamics and some notes about how the current political situation in Belarus is affecting the developers that they have there. Read it all on the DCS World Weekend News update.

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