Partnership series video looks at VATSIM for MSFS

The latest Partnership Series video for Microsoft Flight Simulator covers VATSIM – a worldwide network of virtual air traffic controllers that can aid greatly in adding immersion to your sim experience in X-Plane, P3D and the new Flight Simulator. Let’s have a quick look!

VATSIM on day one

The latest developer update included a link to the latest Partnership series video covering VATSIM. The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation network connects people around the world flying and acting as air traffic controllers.

For some this is an immersion adding experience where human controllers, versed in ATC procedures, will engage with you as if they were real controllers. For others this is a real world training opportunity for both virtual pilots training to be real pilots and controllers training to be real controllers. The blend between entertainment and serious learning opportunity I think makes this all the more compelling.

This short 5-minute video covers all the basics.

Read the latest Development Update here or check out and sign-up for a free VATSIM account here.

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