Stormbirds Podcast Episode 3: DCS WWII with Philstyle

The Stormbirds Podcast is back with a new episode! This time the subject is DCS WWII and I thought the best person to bring on to the podcast to talk all things DCS WWII is YouTuber Phil from the Philstyle YouTube channel. We talked the good, the bad, and the interesting points of both DCS WWII and the DCS WWII online experience on the Storm of War server.

Let’s fly WWII

The DCS WWII experience is one that’s struggled to gain some traction for a variety of reasons. Cost, variety, and aircraft sets remain a problem but for all of that there is brilliance in the simulation and a lot of fun to potentially be had. To channel that fun and to understand more about the community that has been built up around it, I wanted to talk with someone who had a greater understanding and who was invested more into it than I am.

For those of you who don’t know, Philstyle on YouTube has been running flight sim related videos including IL-2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover, X-Plane and DCS WWII content for years. He is, to my mind, the DCS WWII content creator as he not only posts regular WWII content but he’s also involved in the operation of the popular Storm of War multiplayer server.

So, without further delay, here’s the latest episode of the podcast.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and encourage you to check out Philstyle on YouTube! Give him a like or a subscribe! Also, if you’re interested in DCS WWII multiplayer, check out the Storm of War server website and community.

Stormbirds podcast news

For those of you asking me, yes I am still working on putting the podcast onto a proper podcast service. I haven’t jumped fully into that yet as I’m still understanding how best to do that but once I do I will be loading up all of the episodes that I’ve produced so far. Stay tuned for that!



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