Preview of new DCS: Fw190A-8 campaign ‘Horrido’ out

Fans looking for more DCS WWII content are in for a treat as Reflected Simulations new campaign for the DCS: Fw190A-8 is nearly complete and DCS WWII YouTube specialist, Philstyle, whom I did a recent podcast episode with, has released a pair of preview videos showing off two missions from the campaign. Let’s have a look!

Using the new assets

Reflected Simulations is responsible for a variety of DCS WWII content including The Big Show Campaign, the Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney campaign, the Jagflieger campaign and the F-86 based Hunters Over the Yalu campaign. Now we’ve got Horrido for the DCS: Fw190A-8 and the DCS: The Channel Map and it looks really good.

It’s also nice to see the newest assets for the DCS WWII experience being used. The A-20, the new Channel map, the new U-Boat, it’s all part of the experience and great to see them gain some traction.

Custom voice overs and briefings, scripted gameplay events, and a smattering of traditional and non traditional missions. What does that mean? I’ll let Reflected tell this next bit:

I didn’t want to simply give you a dozen of generic WW2 missions, so I focused more on the storyline this time. You’ll still have the typical bomber intercepts, scrambles, and patrols, but you’ll also have some more interesting, story-driven sorties, full of surprises. Stay tuned!

Reflected on the DCS World Forums

Sounds interesting!

Video previews

If you want to see a couple of missions in action turn no further than Philstyle and two of his latest videos which feature a full walkthrough of two key missions from the campaign including a patrol mission defending a U-Boat and a bomber interception mission. Here they are.

If you’re interested in buying this campaign, it sounds like progress has been rapid and it should become available in the DCS World store before too long. Stay tuned for more on that and follow Reflected Simulations on Facebook to find out more about the other campaigns they are working on including a campaign for the P-47 and another for the F-14.

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