Flight Simulator patch to address install, stability issues

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been out for several days now and the team at Asobo Studios are planning a patch soon which looks to be bringing some urgently needed solutions to a variety of installation and stability issues for the new sim. This week’s development update addresses what’s planned for the patch and when it will be coming.

Patch coming soon

There’s much to like about the newest Flight Simulator on the block but it has been set back by some issues with the install process for many and crashing and stability issues for others. Fortunately a patch is coming and relatively soon (although I suspect for some it won’t be soon enough). Here’s what the team at Asobo had to say,

We are in the final stages of prepping the upcoming patch for release next week. The team has been actively working on addressing issues impacting download and installation issues as a priority for this patch. We appreciate all the feedback from the community and we are hard at work updating the feedback snapshot and development roadmap, which we hope to release within the next few weeks!


The highlights of the patch include fixes to some of the most common problems such as a crash to desktop when a peripheral is plugged or unplugged from the system. And some more obscure ones where the download and install process fails because a local user account includes non-ASCII characters.

All good news and steps towards a smoother user experience for all. We just have to wait a bit. Read these and more notes on this week’s Developer Update.

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