RAZBAM F-15E, MiG-23, Falklands roundup

Third party DCS World developers RAZBAM have released a number of updates recent and it’s time to catch up and look at some of the highlights. The much anticipated F-15E has been shown off again along with the MiG-23 and the DCS: South Atlantic map with some news on the size and bounds of the map. Let’s have a look!

F-15E tests air to air

We’ve seen a number of development images showing off the F-15E with its air to ground weapons but now we’re seeing RAZBAM test the air to air configuration. Unlike some other strike fighters, the F-15E maintains the full air to air suite of the air superiority oriented F-15C and that makes it more than capable of engaging in BVR and WVR fighters albeit only a little less efficiently than the air to air only C version.

Questions as to how the F-15E’s multi-seat configuration will be handled and RAZBAM has posted a somewhat terse statement reminding people that it will be multi-crew but no AI system is being developed.

Even as this have been repeated Ad Nauseam, the F-15E will be multicrew from day 1, it means you’ll be able to fly with a human WISO in the back seat. ABSOLUTELY NO AI backseater

RAZBAM Facebook

The lack of an AI backseat may sound questionable, however, after reading some comments it seems that the F-15E’s two seat configuration is more about dividing workload and less about flying and fighting the aircraft as is the case with something like the F-14 Tomcat. It remains to be seen what the experience will be like fighting the Strike Eagle on your own but it may end up being no more laborious than a Hornet or Viper. We’ll have to wait and see.

MiG-23MLA takes shape

We’ve seen a lot of detail shots of the MiG-23 project by RAZBAM’s 3D model team and now we’re seeing the complete model come together which gives the MiG-23MLA more of a finished look than we’ve seen. Although there were some hopes for a 2020 release, I’m betting this will still take some more time and we’ll more likely see this one in 2021. Nothing official has been said just yet.

DCS: South Atlantic gains in size

This recently released image shows the size and scale of the DCS: South Atlantic map. Although all of the images we’ve seen so far have been purely focused on the Falklands themselves, now it appears that part of Argentina will also be modeled in the map which is good news for folks hoping to fly the distance.

More developer images, higher quality ones, have also surfaced showing off the latest modeling work for the map’s Falklands scenery. These updates show fences, a pier, runway and some more overhead shots. Falklands will undoubtedly have its own unique look which should help it stand out.

These updates and more are available on the RAZBAM Facebook page.

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  1. CanadaOne says:

    More maps is good maps! Not sure how exciting the Falklands map will be, but a new map is a new map. And it’s a Harrier map, that’s for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Doctor Drago says:

    I have no problem with the idea of switching seats in the Mudhen. It worked great in Jane’s F15, and that’s in my all-time top ten!


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