Desert Wings patch 004 is out

I’m out by a couple of days on the news but if you’re a fan of IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings – TOBRUK you may want to make sure you’ve logged into Steam and done the latest update because Team Fusion has been hard at work. Here’s some highlights from the latest patch.

From the patch notes

The latest patch focuses in on fixing a variety of details to aircraft including damage models, gun dispersion, skins and textures and flight model. Here’s the complete list:

  • Options => Audio: Master Volume slider replaced with a button which
    opens Windows Sound Mixer (SndVol.exe).
  • Updated Aircraft Flashcards
  • Corrections to Polish localization
  • British dashboard (xray view) updated for +16 boost gauge.
  • 109F’s: Post Stall spin behaviour corrected to model slat effects
    and reduction of wing drop and spin
  • 109F’s: Governor adjustments to allow manual pitch operation during
    takeoff and landing
  • MG151/20: corrected dispersion
  • MG151/20 Gun pods on Bf-109F-4 and F-4 Trop: errors corrected so
    gun pods appear and players can select load outs
  • Ju-88C-4/C-4Late and Trop types damage model adjusted
  • Kittyhawk and Tomahawk hatches now can be jettisoned
  • Ship 150mm and larger caliber cannon sounds replaced
  • Wellington variants: textures updated.
  • Spitfire variants: textures updated.
  • Paint schemes updated.
  • Fixed: (Multi)Player cannot assume crew positions in other player’s
  • Blenheim MkI variants: fixed load out problems.
  • Martlet external: markings visible at greater distances.
  • Ju-88 A-5 variants Ventral turret: fixed gun trigger animation.

For these notes and more commentary, visit the IL-2 forums for more.

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