Team Fusion updates IL-2: Cliffs of Dover to patch 005

Coming hot on the heels of patch 004, the folks at Team Fusion Simulations has updated IL-2: Cliffs of Dover and the Desert Wings – Tobruk to patch 005. There’s updates on a wide variety of topics couple of other fixes. Here’s what we know.

A few tweaks

The new patch focuses in on some smaller fixes and tweaks on a wide variety of items. Here’s what the patch notes say:

  • Full Mission Builder, updated airfield templates:
    NOTE: For the safety of modifications you may have made, we do not overwrite files in your “MyDocuments” folder. To update the files changed by this update, please delete the folder “<MyDocuments>1C SoftClubil-2 sturmovik cliffs of dovermissionsTemplatesTobrukairfields”, so that the game can update the files on next startup.
    Updated: al’ukht alddayiea, Alam Barghut, Althaeban (LG80), Amseat No1,
    Siwi North (LG66), Siwi Town (LG67)
  • Corrected Tomahawk/Kittyhawk Airfoil induced drag profile, Stall/Spin behaviour
  • Corrected Curtiss 0532D Electric Propellor blade width (Tomahawk/Kittyhawk)
  • Corrected all Beaufighter – Airfoil induced drag profile, Oil reservoir load and TARE weights
  • Corrected all Bf-110 fuel and fuel transfer systems and indicator lights (see manual)
  • Corrected all Macchi C.202 stall recovery characteristics of changes
  • GUIMap: No Map Path no longer directly tied with No Map Icons in Difficulty Settings.
  • Dashboard (wonder woman view) for US aircraft.
  • Bf 110 pits: updated fuel selector texture.
  • Martlet Trop pit: Air filter cap no longer disappears.
  • Bf 109Fs and Tomahawk textures updated.
  • Possible fix for #1185: Dust trail while flying.
  • Fix Autoprotetto S.27 steering wheels.
  • Map Updates – Base sand texture upgrades.
  • Map Updates – Hospital texture damage model update.
  • Ju-88 A-1 up to C-2: Selecting empty nose guns results in no gun in the cockpit
  • C.202 external: air filter flap added and animated
  • Bf-110 external: sorted fuel tank numbering issues
  • Bf-110 Trop cockpits: fuel warning lights fixed
  • Revised damage model constructions on all static and stationary building Objects
  • Damage model forts alignment.
  • France speedtree patterns modified
  • Ocean wave white caps modified

For more information and notes check out the Team Fusion Steam page here.

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