Matt Wagner shows off DCS: F-16’s Mavericks in use

We’ve been waiting for a while but they are finally almost here – Mavericks for the DCS: F-16C. The infamous AGM-65 Maverick is a useful weapon meant to be used in a variety of different strike and attack roles. Now, thanks to a new video, we’re seeing how the weapon can be used on the F-16 for the first time in DCS. Let’s have a look!

Multiple Mavericks and modes

The new video details the use of the various types of Mavericks and the types of modes available. The first that Matt looks at is the pre-planned mode followed by the bore sight mode. The tutorial includes how to do a hand-off from the targeting pod to the Maverick seeker.

Have a look!

Of one note, the targets that Matt Wagner was targeting were ZSU-57-2’s which are a new unit not yet in the public versions of DCS World. This system entered service in 1955 and feature two 57mm auto cannons. It has been used extensively throughout the middle east and fits into a large number of DCS scenarios.

Four of a kind

The DCS: F-16C is arriving with four Mavericks. If you’re wondering what each of these weapons does and what the differences are, here’s a basic overview of what each type represents:

  • AGM-65D – infrared seeker with 126lb shaped charge warhead
  • AGM-65G – modified infrared seeker with 300lb penetrating blast-fragmentation warhead
  • AGM-65H – a modified version of the D variant with a CCD seeker intended for desert warfare
  • AGM-65K – modified G version with CCD seeker

Mavericks are versatile weapons being used to attack armored and unarmored vehicles, ships, and sometimes buildings. It’s going to be very useful for everyone who has wanted to use the F-16 as a strike platform and its highly anticipated. The good news continues as it’s likely to make the next open beta release so we should have this very soon.

Another video is due soon with the AGM-88 HARM also coming to the F-16C adding yet another essential weapon to the F-16C. Stay tuned for that!

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