Check out Tactical Pascale’s interview with ED COO Katia Peredenko

Tactical Pascale’s recent 24-hour live stream for charity was a stunning success bringing in £5,443 for mental health charity. It also attracted the support of Eagle Dynamics and, in particular, COO Katia Peredenko who agreed to do an interview during the live stream. Let’s have a look!

Listen in!

Covering a wide range of questions and topics, many of which came from around the DCS World community, Katia Peredenko gave us new insights into the operations of Eagle Dynamics and their efforts to continue to upgrade DCS World.

Here are some highlights that I learned about along the way.

  • Katia see’s the entry of Microsoft Flight Simulator into the market as a very good thing and also something that the Eagle Dynamics team has had a look at for new ideas that might find their way into DCS World
  • The pandemic has absolutely affected the Eagle Dynamics team, however, they have worked around it and are working from home
  • Katia doesn’t answer if the free trial period was good for sales but that it is something they might do again, though she hopes not because of a world wide pandemic
  • Cloud update is part of a larger weather update where different weather conditions can be present on one map
  • There are challenges with developing Russian aircraft, sometimes they can do models and sometimes they can’t and they understand why restrictions are in place and will respect them
  • Just two staff members are dedicated to the military side of the operation, most of Eagle Dynamics staff are focused on the commercial/entertainment side
  • The Mosquito is on the way behind the Mi-24 and development on the F-16, F/A-18, and A-10C II
  • The AH-64 is something they absolutely want to do, a long way to achieve this module
  • Eagle Dynamics is run as a democracy with the team deciding which way they want to go next, many projects are passion projects including the Supercarrier

I hope these were interesting to you. For more of Tactical Pascale, check out his YouTube channel right here!


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