DCS: A-10C II is still planned for end of month, LAU-88 rack for F-16

A couple of small pieces of news coming from Eagle Dynamics today confirming the likely launch date of the DCS: A-10C II and the LAU-88 rack for the F-16C. Let’s have a look!

End of month for A-10C II

Progress on the DCS: A-10C II has been relatively swift. The upgraded module comes with several new weapon systems, an upgraded exterior model, and the Scorpion helmet sight. This has all been done as part of an official contract with the USAF Air National Guard and so that may be part of the reason why delivery was so quick or potentially why the module was developed quietly and we only saw the details of it just a short time ago.

According to Eagle Dynamics community manager, BIGNEWY, the A-10C II is still on track for end of September launch while responding to a question about the open beta release on the 23rd.

No, A-10C II is still planed for the end of the month, not the 23rd.


With Eagle Dynamics preferring a Wednesday open beta launch date it’s likely then that September 30th will be when the new module arrives. Pricing on the new module and the upgrade discount for current owners has not yet been announced.

Confirming the LAU-88 triple rack for DCS: F-16C

Although confirmed months ago, Eagle Dynamics is reconfirming and has now shown off the DCS: F-16C with the LAU-88 triple rack mount for the AGM-65 Maverick. Research by Eagle Dynamics and comments from subject matter experts have relayed current USAF F-16C’s have never flown in this configuration outside of testing, however, the capability is still maintained in the jet. In the event of a wartime scenario it would be possible to fit the aircraft as pictured above.

That leaves the DCS community the option to decide which kinds of configurations they want to see. And that’s a good thing.

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