DCS: F-16C using the HARM in HAS mode

Matt Wagner has come with a new video showing off the AGM-88 HARM on the DCS: F-16C operating in HAS mode, or HARM as Sensor mode. This is a basic way of using the HARM with the F-16C and gives us a basic SEAD capability. Let’s have a look!

Basic functionality

The AGM-88 HARM on the F-16C is starting off with the basic HAS mode. Using the HARM itself as a sensor only, the basic scanning and operation of the system seems to almost entirely rely on the HARM sensor to scan using tables of known SAM radars.

I was surprised that this system is more complicated to use than the DCS: F/A-18C’s SP (Self Protect) mode which allows use of the RWR to designate threats and fire the HARM against those targets. I thought it might be analogous and in some ways it is but there are some unique differences. It should be interesting to dig into the operation here when this becomes available.

The more advanced functionality will come later with the HTS (HARM Targeting System) pod which will give the F-16C a much more impressive anti-radiation capability. Until them, check out this new video here.

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