New Flight Sim developer update focused on future, partners, Africa

It’s been a pretty good week for Flight Simulator as a new patch has come out that’s had a positive impact on performance issues and solved a lot of problems. It’s still not a perfect product and there are glaring issues but we’re getting there. This week’s update gives us a new look at the development update, a new video from their ‘Around the World’ series that focuses on Africa, and an interesting Partnership Series update with Textron Aviation. Let’s have a look!

Problems solved and to be resolved

A lot of problems were solved this week with the new patch but the Asobo Team continues to track problems and targets them to be solved. Live weather not working correctly dominates the issue tracker but so do some bugs with autopilots, the Airbus A320 and a host of issues there, performance issues, and grainy (dithered) reflections.

Check out the Bugs & Issues forum to get a sense of what’s rising to the top there or to post your own issues.

Development roadmap

The development roadmap is filled with what’s coming next from Asobo including updates over the next several weeks. More Partnership series videos, more Around the World videos (which I think are fantastic inspiration), and interestingly, new feature discovery series videos are planned.

I find that last point interesting as it’s been a while since we had a feature discovery series and it’s likely that any new feature discovery series would focus on something new that’s not in the sim right now.

Asobo Studios has said in the past that they have a content plan that includes new aircraft, world updates, and more that will come out over time. We’re getting into the fall right now – how about some fall foliage on the trees in October? There’s lots of potential.

‘Around the World’ goes to Africa

I love the Around the World series of videos because they showcase all of the fantastic places you can fly in the new sim. Flight Simulator is all about exploration and flying new places worldwide and this provides me with a ton of ideas. It’s time to do some flying in Africa!

Textron partnership video

Ten of the aircraft in Flight Simulator are from Textron from the Cessna and Beechcraft brands and this latest video gives us a look at how the partnership came together and the kinds of effort that they went in to while putting together the aircraft in flight simulator. It’s a short video and I found it interesting.

Always more to come

Flight Simulator hasn’t had a perfect launch but it is growing and improving and I think this forward momentum from Asobo Studios is worth maintaining. I look forward to more feature discovery videos and new inspirational videos to give all of us ideas of new places to go flying.

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  1. ClannK says:

    It’s good that they’re so open and communicative regarding pretty much every aspect of the sim. Especially important in these early times.

    I never realized before that Textron owns so many classic brands (dont they even own Bell Helo’s, too – a la DCS Huey splash screen?).

    I do hope that Asobo really fleshes out the default aircraft. The Longitude is so nice it could be my primary aircraft if it becomes reasonably accurate at the Default / Survey Level. Even better would be if Asobo/Textron would allow a “Pro” model to be developed into a payware Study Level (hint, hint!)

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