Pricing on DCS: A-10C II confirmed!

A new FAQ posted by NineLine on the DCS World forums confirms the price and several of the changes being made to the DCS: A-10C II and the original DCS: A-10C. Let’s have a look!

Nine ninety nine

New augmented reality view from the Scorpion HMD combining real vision and FLIR together to aid in target spotting.

One of the first questions out of the gate was how much would the upgrade cost. This FAQ confirms that the upgrade price will be…. $9.99 USD on the Eagle Dynamics store. This is a special promotional upgrade price and we don’t know what it will cost later to upgrade. The same answer confirms that the regular price will be $79.99 which is more in-line with the most recent DCS World high fidelity modules. The upgrade will also be available for Steam owners.

The FAQ also indicates that upgrading isn’t necessary and the two modules will coexist alongside each other. How much time will be put into the older variant remains unknown but keeping the two operational does mean that the extensive list of missions and campaigns out there for the jet will be enjoyable for some time to come.

Other questions are also answered about the accuracy and flying dynamics. The warning horn for example, was not accurate according to subject matter experts. The stall and buffet characteristics were also adjusted and according to the FAQ, the A-10C flies better than ever. Even the A-10A, from Flaming Cliffs 3, will get the flight model adjustments. So we’ll have to check that out in operation.

Read the A-10C II FAQ here.

Upgrade concerns alleviated?

There was considerable concern that the original DCS: A-10C would be left behind and while I don’t think we fully know how much deprecation will be happening to the older variant – it does mean that the new version is easily within reach for most players who already have the older version. The $10 upgrade cost is lower than expected and a welcome surprise.

I’ve had the module for a while but I haven’t put much time into flying it. I think this will help me get my act together and start!


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  1. DM says:

    Nice that ED, like that you also care about current owners! The F16C discount to 40 while pre-release purchage was more expensive was massively nasty for people helping you ED out white early access support!

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  2. Mischiew Rithe says:

    Fantastic that they’d maintain the Hog alive!

    I wonder how the DLC campaign authors will deal with that. Will it be considered as another plane in the mission editor? It should be the case for old missions that are not compatible with the new A-10C, and for new missions that are not back-compatible with the old one. Or perhaps it’s a little checklist that says for every A-10C whether it’s supporting old, new or both.

    The big advantage of this module for single-player experience is DLC, so let’s hope most will be made compatible with the new version! 🙂

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