Aerosoft, fixes, next patch date all part of latest MSFS update

A new developer update came out yesterday with the latest developments for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In that update we learned about new bug fixes that the team is working on, that a new patch is coming next week, and we got a look at what the Aerosoft partnership with the new sim is all about. Let’s go!

Patch and bugs

Without burying the most important piece of the update. Those anxiously awaiting some more bug fixes should be pleased to note that Update #4 for Flight Simulator is on the way. According to the update, it is scheduled to release sometime next week. Hopefully we’ll see the end of the VFR map crash bug among many others!

In keeping with the promises that Asobo has made to be as transparent as possible with their updates, we’re learning that this next update will incorporate a number of top bugs squashed and top wishes fulfilled. Black Avionics Screens are apparently fixed, issues with the A320 (particularly the left engine not starting) are being solved, and a few crash to desktop issues too. As for wishes, “Press Any Key to Start” is being removed (Yes!) so that’s a good start. There are quite a few other wishes on the list including several under investigation.

You can see the complete list of bugs and wishes in these two graphics that were released yesterday.

Regardless of which item is being fixed in this patch or under investigation for a future patch, it’s good to see what’s gotten the attention of the developers and how much of community feedback is driving those decisions. You can always ask for more but at the end of the day it’s great to see a developer being as responsive and transparent and Asobo appears to be committed to here. More of this please!

Aerosoft partnership feature

The Partnership Series continues with the next video focused on a company with a long history of making products with Flight Simulator over the years. Aerosoft has been, according to the video, a key partner with Asobo and has the unique role in producing the only physical media version of the new sim (yes, in Europe, you can buy Flight Simulator in a box). Aerosoft is also building the CRJ for Flight Simulator and at the same time is assisting with the further development of the new SDK for the sim.

Aerosoft are also busy releasing sceneries for Flight Simulator with several paid products already available in the marketplace with many more on the way. Of note is their Paderborn Lippstadt Airport which you can download from the marketplace for free. That I’m sure is intended to get you’re appetite going for other high quality airports of which several are already available.

Check out my screenshots from a recent flight out of that airport.

For more information, check out Flight and the latest update to see what Asobo Studios is planning for the future of Flight Simulator.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. CanadaOne says:

    I’ve had several CTDs when just flying around, not a big deal but it would be nice if this fixes them. All in all, I love this sim.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I hear that. I haven’t had any yet this patch but then I’ve only had two flights too. You never want a nice flight interrupted like that.


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