Team Fusion releases patch 10 for IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings – Tobruk

Impressing with the pace of patch and then fix, Team Fusion has released yet another patch for IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings – Tobruk. The patch makes some feature additions, fixes, and some general changes ranging from the fun (such as a dash photo holder for all aircraft) to the essential such as a fix to a few crash to desktop issues. Here’s what’s in the change log.

Change log

Released yesterday, the change log for update 10 contains the following updates:


  • Easier handling of in-game Info Windows: Right click on the screen to open the pop up menu and follow the tree to the desired Info Window and choose one of the three options: Activate, Customize, Delete. There is an option to restore Info Windows to Default settings. The old way of handling Info Windows is also still active.
  • Dashpic (photo frame) added to all Tobruk planes.

General Changes / Updates

  • Minimum altitude for NORMFLY lowered to 10m.
  • D.520: Adjusted Propeller, Airframe and engine to correct speeds and climb.
  • Gladiator diffuse textures update.
  • Martlet trop user skins.
  • Winter Terrain Modified
  • Autumn Terrain Modified


  • BR20 Trop propellers center transparency issue.
  • Black bubbles and/or CTDs fixed for a number of ground vehicles/armor when choosing non-default skin.
  • Wellington Ia/Trop windshield issue.
  • Kittyhawk velocity gauge now shows more accurate values.
  • Toggle Bomb bay doors in Bombardier position not functional.
  • Walrus now takes off & lands with landing gear up on water (Seaplane Bases).

The next time you sign-on to Steam, make sure you do the update and check out the very latest from Team Fusion Simulations.

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