DCS: A-10C II November feature update and F-14 sound update

Two DCS World updates of note have come out in the last 24-hours with Eagle Dynamics Matt Wagner producing a video detailing some of the additions being made to the DCS: A-10C II in the month of November. Meanwhile, Heatblur has released a video showing off the improvements their team has made to the DCS: F-14’s exterior sounds.

More lighting the fires for the F-14

It’s a short update by Heatblur but it’s an interesting one. The description accompanying the newly released video says the following,

As part of the next monster F-14 patch, we’ve entirely overhauled all of the F-14’s exterior sounds! Crank up that volume!

Heatblur YouTube

It is then interesting to note that a ‘monster patch’ is on the way for the F-14. We have been waiting some months for the F-14A and for the Forrestal-class carrier, AI A-6 Intruder, and the campaigns for the jet. In the meantime, we’re treated to a pretty cool video showing off the updated sounds. Have a listen and a look!

Tank Killer update

Coming in the November 5th DCS World Open Beta update, we have some updates to the A-10C II that might interest everyone. First, the viewpoint has been moved back slightly solving an issue that A-10C pilots have noted for some time and was apparently also a request from their professional customer.

There’s a new dashed or solid line for donor aircraft and their SPI (sensor point of interest) adding further situational awareness. You can now adjust the default display on the targeting pod. There are also HOTAS control changes. There are changes to the Special tab that let you adjust the Scorpion HMD default eye for VR users, there are dozens of other small adjustments here and there and finally… vapes! The A-10C now has wing vapour on display during tight turns. Great!

It’s all in Matt Wagner’s latest video.

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