Flight Simulator’s North America world trailer inspires new flights

I really love what Microsoft is doing with their world trailers for Flight Simulator as they continue to inspire me to do new flights and to check out new places. North America is an easy sell for me, but despite that, the new trailer has all kinds of cool places to check out. Let’s have a look!

Exploring the world

We’ve seen Europe, Asia and Africa featured in recent Flight Simulator world trailers and now its North American’s turn. From Greenland to Mexico, this trailer covers cities and notable natural landmarks – all places that look great in Flight Simulator and places that might help inspire you to go exploring during your next flight.

Have a look!

Missed the previous videos and looking for inspiration?

Here’s all of the previous videos that have been released in the series for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They strike the right tone and have convinced me to go searching for these and other places not yet featured in a trailer.

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