RAZBAM’s Q4 update talks AV-8B, MiG-23, Lightning, more

Third party DCS developer RAZBAM has released a quarterly report on what they are working on and it’s filled with details on what they are doing on current and future modules including the DCS: AV-8B, MiG-23MLA, work on their South Atlantic map, and a bit more.

Harrier updates

Remember the concern around the AV-8B’s development a few months ago when it was noted that the jet was going to be considered “released” and no longer an early access. It seems that development continues regardless.

A confirmed list of fixes are coming in the next open beta release. These are considered part of their “mid life updates” and include a revised AUTO release mode, a new JDAM relative targeting mode that is more realistic, and an update to the TPOD from the original Ver 1 to the more recent G4 pod. The new pod has some different functions including a multiple target designate function.

New DCS: AV-8B Harrier demo team

One final Harrier note, RAZBAM has announced that they now have an official aerobatic display team that will be touring the virtual airshows out there while serving as ambassadors for the developer and showing off the Harrier’s aerobatic capabilities.

All of the details of the specific changes and procedure updates are in the Q4 update document.

Fans of the Harrier should be very happy to have these updates. Once they are in I’m going to definitely be checking them out.

MiG-23MLA is a Soviet MLA

We have some updates on the new MiG-23 that RAZBAM has been working on. Early in the year it seemed to be making great progress, however, it seems that progress over the year has been steady but slow.

The latest update confirms that the external model is making good progress and is closing in on being compete while the interior model is still in the early stages. I would guess the cockpit hasn’t moved forward much from earlier in the year. Programming has also not begun on this module so that’s a big task still to come.

Still, we are seeing progress and we have also learned that RAZBAM confirms this is specifically a Soviet model MLA that they are doing. A mission editor option will add an Iraqi ML upgrade with SPO-15 RWR and adding the ASO-2 countermeasure dispensers.

Check out these latest screenshots to see the external 3D model coming along.

Lightning progress

Several new screenshots were released of the BAe Lightning that RAZBAM is developing currently. It seems that the 3D model has taken the next steps of moving into the DCS World engine and we have an early look at what that type now looks like in-engine.

The update is keen to point out, however, that there’s much to do on this just like with the MiG-23 and that there is no release date or projected release plan right now.

F-15E progress?

If you were anxious to see the DCS: F-15E Strike Eagle by RAZBAM make its way towards release, it seems that you may need to hold off for a while yet. The Strike Eagle has been temporarily put on hold while the team has wrapped up work on some other modules. I see this as both good and bad news.

This paragraph from the most recent update gives an overview of what the halt was caused by and what their future plans are.

First off you probably already know that a lot of big changes came in the last update from us and the next big one is no exception. Now this is in part due to reassigning some team members from other projects and back onto the ones currently out and flying with you guys. Because of this, a halt was put on serious development of other modules like the Super Tucano and F-15E. The goal is to get all of the modules to a stage where any future issues with bugs or new systems integration can be handled by one person or takes the team a short period of time to deviate in order to correct.

RAZBAM Q4 developer update

Falklands and more

The DCS: South Atlantic project continues with the RAZBAM map team continuing to work on the project. It’s got a ways to go but steady progress remains. You can see that update and more on the DCS World forum as part of the 2020 Q4 update.

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