Watch the new Hurricane II video for IL-2: Great Battles

1CGS is doing a great job with the hype train for the new Hurricane Mark II coming to IL-2: Great Battles as a Collector Plane. Long sought after, the new aircraft is nearly here and we’ve got our best look at the new aircraft yet with a nearly 10-minute demo video.

Ten minutes of Hurricane

The Hurricane Mark II demo video shows off the new Collector Plane in all sorts of different kinds of action. From both in-cockpit and exterior views, you get to see the type in action. Air combat, anti-vehicle, you name it! The cockpit and exterior model look great in action. Go… watch it!

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  1. ZOOMY says:

    ooohh! That video makes it really hard to wait.

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    1. 1_Robert says:

      Looks great. Which current aircraft in the game do you think the Hurricane will be most similar to as far as maneuverability, speed, and fire power?


      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Speed and handling will be somewhere between I-16, P-40 and Spitfire V. Firepower is all over the place with the four 20mm option being most similar to the Tempest V.


  2. Eggnog says:

    It’s been a long wait. Looks like it will be well worth it!

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