IL-2 4.502 is here! Hurricane, C-47, new 4K skin, new AI updates, more!

We’ve all been waiting to fly the Hurricane Mark II for over a year now and that moment has arrived! And it comes packed together with a juicy patch filled with plenty of changes. Those include the new C-47 AI aircraft, a new 4K skin for the Bf110E-2, new AI updates for tanks, and so much more. Let’s have a look at the highlights!

Patch 4.502 highlights

1CGS knows how to pull off a patch in spectacular fashion at the highlights for this patch start off with the arrival of the new Hurricane Mark II Collector Plane.

Announced a little over a year ago, many of us have been waiting for this the Hurricane, a gem of a fighter, to come to the series for quite a bit longer. It’s finally here and 1CGS pulled out all of the stops from the looks of it by offering a huge number of variants and modifications from the standard eight gun Browning .303 armed Mark IIA to the more exotic like the Mark IID with its 40mm anti-tank guns and the Russian armament field mod which replaced the standard armament with ShVAK cannons and Berezin UB machine guns. I’ll be doing first impressions and a full review as soon as I can!

Next up, the C-47A Skytrain comes to IL-2: Great Battles. This is an AI aircraft (for now we all hope), that has been given all of the love and attention of a flyable type. It’s importance in the Normandy campaign and use well outside of that makes it a great addition to the series.

Martin =ICDP= Catney strikes again with another brilliant recreation of the lower resolution skins on the Bf110E-2 from the Battle of Moscow with sharp new 4K skins. Bf110 fans will rejoice at having their aircraft get the upgrade and from the released screenshots, it looks superb!

There’s also the new G force effects including a revised visualization of black and red-outs as well as a revised physiology model that has been described as being a bit more forgiving than the old model. That said, it’s been revised using data and literature on human physiology in relation to G force effects so this is all about refining an already impressive level of simulation.

AI updates are another highlight of this patch. Much of the effort was directed at Tank Crew and ensuring that tank battles are as realistic and enjoyable as possible. I’ll have to test for myself but the sniper abilities of some of the AI tanks in immediate finding the correct range to target is likely to be gone as the AI has been programmed now to fire ranging shots and adjust as needed. Can’t wait to try that!

Finally, a series of Career updates sound really interesting to me. First, the Hurricane Mark II collector plane is immediately available in single player with 5 squadrons available in the Battle of Moscow career. They are 1st GIAP (former 29th IAP), 67th IAP PVO, 157th IAP, 287th IAP, and 736th IAP PVO. Two more squadrons feature in Battle of Stalingrad: 651st IAP PVO and 629th IAP PVO.

Also relevant to single player is 18 new target locations on the Rhineland Career that have been added for the various mission types. That should boost replayability and make for some more interesting scenarios.

Download now and read the patch notes

Set your Steam or IL-2 launcher downloader to go now and get the update going and then visit the IL-2 forums for the full patch notes.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Fernando says:

    Running to test the Tank Crew fixes!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Doctor Drago says:

    The Hurri was worth the wait, and then some. What a delight!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. HBPencil says:

    Just some observations from my quick play around in the latest patch:

    – The Hurri is easy to fly and the easiest British plane to taxi, although a little more ready to stand on its nose if you’re heavy on the brakes. I like how the devs have assigned some textures for each armament option so you don’t have to worry about using the right skin with the right armament e.g. a IIb skin with IIc cannons etc.

    – The C-47 looks and sounds nice, hope we get it flyable and with a paratroop option some day.

    – The new G modeling is nice, makes the gLOC monster (Tempest V) more usable.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Blue 5 says:

    Oh happy day, callooh, calley etc.

    I’ll have to send the family away for a day trip…

    Liked by 1 person

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