DCS WWII servers setup to test new damage model

Eagle Dynamics is cautiously rolling out their new damage model for DCS WWII (which will be expanded to other aircraft and objects later) and has setup two multiplayer servers in the open beta to test out the new system in action. You can join in on the fun and help test to see how the new system is working and here are the details.

An explanation of the damage

The new damage model itself adds many extra layers to the DCS World simulation and includes both visuals and systems modeling. Accurate damage and destruction of aircraft systems is based on where bullets hit the target and where the bullet went next. Here are the systems that can be affected:

  • oil
  • hydraulic and cooling
  • engine and propeller
  • throttle
  • engine controls
  • flight controls including trim tabs and connectors
  • airframe including longerons, spars and stringers

In addition to these basic elements, the new system also manages to calculate loss of lift due to damage to the wing skin and strength reduction from a damaged spar that may lead to a wing snap at higher G loads.

New visualizations of the damage are also part of the update. Different coloured trails behind the aircraft can help visualize which systems are damaged. Steam, hydraulic fluid, oil, and fuel all have their own unique look. Four levels of damage texture for different segments of the aircraft help tell the story of what’s happened to the aircraft and where.

This all should help take DCS World’s damage model up to the level that it needs to be, especially for WWII combat.

Two server options help test damage model

A post by ED Community Manager BIGNEWY on the DCS World forums details how you can experience the new damage model for the first time. It’s also been indicated that although these two servers are the first to test it, community access to the damage model on the popular DCS WWII servers is likely to come extremely soon.

Here’s the information you need to know to access the servers:

  • Server name: WW2 Team Deathmatch NEW DAMAGE MODEL
  • IP address: Port: 10309
  • Server name: WW2 NEW DAMAGE MODEL Sandbox
  • IP address: Port: 10310

See this post on the new damage model and server tests for more information.


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