MB-339, Long-EZ, F-35, Su-31 and more from IndiaFoxTecho

Flight Simulator, P3D, and DCS World, IndiaFoxTecho is a developer that is working on multiple flight simulator platforms at once and it looks like they are expanding their operations with a slate of new aircraft planned across all three. Regular updates have been coming from the developer and I thought it long past time to check in and see where things were at with the developer. Let’s have a look!

Introducing the Long-EZ

I haven’t had a chance to write about this project on Stormbirds yet, however, IndiaFoxTecho have been rapidly introducing updates to their Long-EZ project for Flight Simulator. The real aircraft was designed by unorthodox aircraft designer Burt Rutan and is the first canard aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Paving the way for other developers has met with some challenges as the Flight Simulator engine was not yet setup to handle the canard configuration. Subsequent patches have solved that particular issue and added more functionality and the developers are working with Asobo Studios as well as some Long-EZ pilots to further improve the flight modeling towards an even more accurate representation. Still on the development block is the aircraft’s autopilot who appears to be not working properly at this point and may require further updates from Asobo Studios to the SDK to resolve.

This rather unique looking aircraft is available on simMARKET for €15 and OrbxDirect for $24.99 AUD and is not yet in the Microsoft Marketplace.

MB-339 working through bugs for MSFS

IndiaFoxTecho has not provided any updates on the DCS World version of this jet recently, however, they have been hard at work making their ‘lite’ version available to fans in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s already available on simMARKET for €20 and Orbx Direct for $33.00 AUD and the developer has plans to bring it to the Marketplace as well. They had a statement on this recently saying,

The update will bring a number of small improvements and fixes…we expect it to be ready around mid-Novemeber. We have decided not to release version 1.00 to Microsoft due to their long lead times, so we will release directly version 1.10 for them to deploy.

IndiaFoxTecho on Facebook

Currently they have identified several bugs with the jet including custom switch and livery selection problems that they are working with Asobo Studios to solve. This is another SDK related issue from the sounds of it. It sounds like IndiaFoxTecho is intent on solving as many bugs as possible first before bringing it to the Marketplace. I am looking forward to seeing that happen.

Su-31 underway

Another aircraft IndiaFoxTecho is currently building for Microsoft Flight Simulator is the Su-31. This is a development of the earlier Su-29 and Su-26 two seat aerobatic planes and one of the most impressive monoplane aerobatic types out there. Check this video out just to get a sense of some of the incredible moves it can perform.

The exterior model of the aircraft has been shown off, however, the interior is still under wraps as they work towards finishing the aircraft model. They have asked for high detail images of the aircraft’s dials from anyone who might have access to a real Su-31 – if that’s you and you want to contribute, be sure to hop over to their Facebook page to send them some references.

We have almost finished modeling the SU-31…but we are having an hard time finding very high-definition pictures of the aircraft gauges (they have to be good enough to create the background dials). If you have some and are willing to share them, please let us know.

IndiaFoxTecho on Facebook

MSFS already has a couple of aerobatic types but adding an aircraft as interesting as the Su-31 to the mix sounds like another great option.

S-211 free for X-Plane

The S-211 by IndiaFoxTech is being released to X-Plane 11 as a freeware aircraft as the developer moves on to other projects. They are calling this a re-release and the note written on their Facebook page looks as if the developer is, for now at least, calling it quits on any X-Plane 11 development as they focus on MSFS. Here’s what they had to say,

As promised, and as part of the celebrations of the fifth anniversary of commercial operations of IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations, here is the freeware re-release of the S-211 for X-Plane by Laminar Research.

I would also like to apologize with XP-11 fans for not having supported the platform as much as I have wanted. While the outstanding graphics of Microsoft Flight Simulator helped it stole the scene, X-Plane 11 is still an outstanding flight simulator – and it is no mistery that is, in some aspects, superior to its competitor (for one the flight modeling is way more flexible).

IndiaFoxTecho on Facebook

The aircraft can be downloaded here.

Expanding developer

IndiaFoxTecho has even more in development right now as the developer looks to expand their presence across multiple flight simulators. On October 25th, they laid out their vision and roadmap for announced projects and gave us a sense of what they are working on next.

First, they have established a team of contractors allowing them to deploy more projects. There are 10 projects in development right now with only some of them having been announced. Some aircraft are redevelopments of types they have previously released for FSX and P3D while others are brand new. The developers are keen to point out that they are not converting old assets but are instead rebuilding the aircraft from scratch.

The aircraft have been broken into a tier based system to distinguish the kinds of features and deep functionality that they intend to build into at least some of their projects.

In Tier 1 are aircraft that they feel they can develop given the current SDK status of Microsoft Flight simulator and current knowledge levels. They are the Su-31, MB-326 and the TA-4J (yes, the Skyhawk is coming!).

Tier 2 is currently exclusively the domain of the M-346 Master. In this tier, IndiaFoxTecho believes they can build the jet using current tools but will need to spend more time researching before they are able to deliver.

In Tier 3 we have jets that the developer would like to work on but are unable to because of currently SDK limitations. These are, in the developers words, their supersonic jet fighter line. They are working on an F-35, a Eurofighter Typhoon, and an F-14 but do not expect any of these to release before Q3 2021.

More to come from IndiaFoxTecho

I’m excited for the future of this developer as they expand their Microsoft Flight Simulator product line giving us a wide and diverse array of types to choose from to potentially fill our virtual hangars. Their DCS World development remains quieter but the MB-339 for DCS World will surely be an interesting release, and if what they have been doing recently is anything to go on, likely to be one with lots of detail and depth.

As soon as their aircraft get to the Flight Simulator Marketplace I will be checking them out for my own reviews and reactions. In the meantime, visit IndiaFoxTecho on Facebook for regular updates or check out their dev blog here.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. harryvoyager says:

    The M-346 Master sounds very interesting. I’m hoping they can get a good one going. I’ve said before, the jet trainers feel far more interesting additions in MSFS2020 than they do in DCS.

    I was really surprised that the MB-339 wasn’t in the MSFS storefront, and kind of held me off getting it at the moment. I actually ended up getting Elite Dangerous and the Lego Star Wars game on the Steam sale instead because of that, but I’m glad to hear it will get here in the 1.10 version.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ClannK says:

    I got the MB-339 immediately upon release – mostly to encourage IFTE, but also because MSFS practically cries out for a high visibility light jet.

    Overall a very nice little bird that scratches the steam gauge itch, and a blast to fly around the crowds of default aircraft.

    One nice thing is that it trims out pretty well, esp considering there’s no autopilot.

    It flies similarly to the defaults, but I’d put it a step above in smoothness and control-ability.

    What’s GREAT about this model is the ability to sightsee – FAST – from the bubble canopy. Almost no need to go external view.

    I still haven’t dug into the avionics because it’s so much fun to hand fly, but i’m looking forward to nav & ILS and all that jazz.

    It’s enjoyable enough that I’m looking forward to the “Pro” edition, whenever that releases.

    So glad to see that IFTE has jumped into the deep end of MSFS, expanded the team, and is focusing on my personal favorite kind of aircraft to fly.

    I’m secretly hoping for a redux of the S-3 Viking – it’d be a fantastic fit for MSFS style flying.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Blue 5 says:

    F-35? You gotta be kidding. LM has managed to FUBAR that to the stratosphere: a module that might even attempt to model that is risible.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      We’ve seen a few versions of the F-35 show up in sims now including Lockheed putting their own version in P3D and IndiaFoxTecho doing their own which is available for P3D here: https://secure.simmarket.com/indiafoxtecho-f-35-lightning-ii-package-p3d.phtml

      This won’t be at the same depth as say a DCS module but I can see it being fun to noodle around in MSFS. Especially given that’s very fast compared to most of what’s on tap.


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