DCS: F/A-18C is getting HMD ground attack options next

The DCS: F/A-18C Hornet’s JHMCS system is getting a few new tricks in the next major update. It’s air to air capability was recently upgraded with new levels of awareness and now it’s getting the same for ground attack. A new video from Matt Wagner detailed the additional features. Let’s have a look!

Impressive potential

There’s been more than one time where I was flying along and wanting to place a target point on something that I could see but just could not manage to get my targeting pod to slew to. It looks like features like that are now coming as Matt Wagner detailed in a new video.

You’ll be able to see target points, move target points, and designate new target points all using the helmet’s interface. You’ll be able to point your head at a target zone and designate that and then use your targeting pod to refine the target or refine it visually. Whatever your workflow, this adds impressive capabilities to the jet in the ground attack role.

You’ll also be able to do much of the same through the HUD now as well.

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