MSFS update: PA44 available, World update 2 soon, EAA partnership

Asobo Studio’s weekly Flight Simulator update is out and it contains its usual smattering of information covering everything from core updates to the sim, bug fixes, a new aircraft released to the marketplace, and a partnership video with the EAA. Let’s have a look!

Carenado’s PA44 Seminole is in the marketplace

If you’re looking for something new to fly this weekend, Carenado’s PA44 Seminole is in the marketplace and ready for purchase. It’s coming in at $29.99 USD and I hope to be able to look at this new aircraft very soon.

World update 2 is coming next week

The United States is the focus of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s World Update 2. Adding new airports, enhanced scenery packages, and new points of interest, this update should offer fans of flying in the United States plenty of new content to experience.

More details on that when the update comes out next week.

EAA partnership video

The Experimental Aircraft Association has grown over the years to encompass a large membership with connections worldwide. They also seem to be a group that has reached out through events such as FlightSimExpo and through their own channels to connect with flight simmers. This week, Microsoft and Asobo have released a new video detailing how they are partnered with the EAA.

Bug fix and feedback highlights

Each week, Asobo takes note of the bug fixes and issues that are most highly ranked by members of the Flight Simulator community. Here are the top 5 as ranked by the community:

  • Garmin G1000/G3000 & Autopilot Related Issues
  • Live Weather and Wind Readings at Not Accurate
  • Turboprop Engine Logic Issues
  • Crash to Desktop without Error Message
  • Live Weather Issues

Unsurprisingly, this list hasn’t changed all that much and Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to struggle with autopilot and live weather issues in particular. Though some bugs have been sorted out, others continue to cause problems. Hopefully we can see many of these worked out in the next patch or two.

Also coming in with the wishlist are some interesting notes:

  • FlyByWire Community Mod A320 (listed as Under Investigation with a TDB release date)
  • Replay Functionality Missing
  • Scenery Gateway System (Community Content)
  • Multiple Screens Functionality
  • Open Up The Weather System to 3rd Party Devs

FlyByWire, the community modification for the Airbus A320 seems like a project that might be both the best and quickest path to a more high fidelity A320neo flying experience. Although official support hasn’t yet happened, having some sort of acknowledgement that Microsoft and Asobo can at least not prevent the mod from becoming popular seems at least a little encouraging. ZiboMod for the 737-800 in X-Plane did wonders for that title and I can see this being a kind of analog for Flight Simulator.

Further down the list at number 8 is one that fans of helicopters are going to want to note. On the list it indicates that helicopters are slated for release in 2022. Of course that could be anywhere from 14 months away to 26 months away but that is a long time to wait unfortunately.

Also interesting to note is the upgrade to DX12 which is slated as started, with a to be announced launch date. It also says ‘with XBOX Launch’ in brackets which is also interesting news. Although we’ve known that Asobo and Microsoft want to bring the sim to XBox and the brand new XBox Series X clearly has the computing power to be able to handle something like this – it’s still interesting that not only will that release bring the sim to a new platform but it will also be one that brings in a major API and potential engine upgrade at the same time.

Read more about these and more items on the November19th, 2020 Development Update.

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