Join Team Fusion for Tobruk 1940 – A Desert Wings Tobruk Event

Creators of the IL-2 Sturmovik: Desert Wings – Tobruk expansion in the IL-2 series are taking part in the Tobruk 1940 – A Desert Wings Tobruk Event and there are two great ways for you to take part in this event. Here’s what’s going on!

The desert war circa 1940

Desert Wings – Tobruk takes the Sturmovik series into a new area of the air war that is rarely covered. The North Africa campaign raged for several years and while some parts of that air war have been told before, it’s rare to see a combat flight sim tackle something as obscure yet interesting as the 1940 races across the desert. These, the last of the bi-plane battles mixed with modern monoplanes that were just coming on stream, make for some interesting scenarios.

The Italian Wing Virtual Flight Community are hosting the event this weekend. People are encouraged to join in on the ITA server. More information on the mission and sign-ups are available here.

If you can’t join in, you can still take part as Team Fusion’s Pattle will be live streaming the event on YouTube.

Everything kicks off 21:00 Rome Time (20:00 GMT+1) which puts it at 3:00 pm EST and 12:00 pm PST.

Don’t forget, Desert Wings is on sale on Steam for 25% off if the extra discount and this event have you pining to fly some Gladiators and Cr42’s over the skies of North Africa.

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