VR for MSFS coming this month as Asobo looks ahead to 2021

Not having VR in Microsoft Flight Simulator was considered something of a miss when the title was announced, however, news quickly came out that Asobo Studios was working towards a VR implementation for the new sim and we now know that it will be coming this December 2020 in a significant update. Asobo is also looking to the future of the sim in 2021. We have a good idea of what’s coming up next.

Discovering VR

On December 22, Asobo Studios plans to release Sim Update 2 which will include VR. Although initially intended for only Windows Mixed Reality Devices (and the HP Reverb G2) the latest round of closed beta testing opened up to a wider range of devices.

We’ll learn a lot more about VR and what the new update will look like on December 17th with a planned release of the next Feature Discovery series video. At this point I’m not aware of a complete list of devices supported but hopefully we’ll see a wide enough range to appeal to most of the VR users out there. Wide ranging support is definitely part of the plan as Martial Bossard, one of the founders of Asobo Studio and Executive Producer, has been quoted as saying: “Oculus family, the Valve family, every family of headset are going to be supported.”

Looking ahead

As Microsoft Flight Simulator flies into 2021 there are some interesting items on the development roadmap. Here are three key highlights:

  • January 14th – Feature Discovery Series #10: Aerodynamics
  • January 28th – World Update 3: United Kingdom
  • February 25th – Sim Update 3

Both Japan and United States have been great updates to Microsoft Flight Simulator and so I expect the next update, United Kingdom, is going to prove to be equally interesting. Flying over the UK is on my long list of places to visit but not something I’ve really done. This will definitely be an excuse to do that.

Someone flew on a Flight Simulator flight while on a flight

Rami Ismail on Twitter did something interesting. On a flight out from Amsterdam to Ireland, he decided to fly exactly the same route and then recorded what his experience was like. He compared everything from where on the route both the real and virtual aircraft were to things like clouds and cloud entry point, sunrise, and what it looked like out his window compared to the sim.

That’s absolutely wild. Microsoft Flight Simulator is not perfect but it is definitely a groundbreaking simulation of flight.

Third party update

Asobo’s latest developer update included some great numbers on what the third party experience was looking like for Flight Simulator. I just picked up and wrote my review on Carenado’s PA-44 Seminole which is one one of 12 aircraft released for the platform so far.

Here’s some highlights from their breakdown:

  • 229 airports (+15 from last week) have been released for the platform so far.
  • 118 airports (+0 from last week) are not announced but in dev based on information from 3rd parties.
  • 12 aircraft (+3 from last week) have been released for the platform so far.
  • 12 aircraft (+3 from last week) have been released for the platform so far.
  • 55 aircraft (-1 from last week) beyond the released airplanes have been announced.
  • 34 scenery add-ons (+5 from last week) have been released for the platform so far.

For all of this and more, visit Microsoft Flight Simulator.com and the latest developer update.

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  1. Toxin 1 says:

    Been holding off flying it until VR releases. Then the wait for the RTX 3080Ti (cant justify paying scalper $$$$ prices for a 3090) so that it will have a chance at a decent FPS with all of the glorious eye candy.

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