Mobile AAA progress, new pilots for P-39, rough terrain updates for IL-2

We have a new IL-2 Developer Diary and its showcasing some interesting new features for different parts of the sim. We have a new look at the mobile AAA vehicles, new pilot models for the P-39 and a cool video that really shows off what the new rough terrain modeling is like and how it affects an aircraft like the U-2VS. Let’s have a look!

GAZ AAA vehicle progress

Digital Forms, the team behind the modelling of Tank Crew’s tanks, is working on their next two products for the 1CGS team. The GAZ-MM with 72-K 25mm AAA gun is well underway as you can see in these development images.

1CGS is meanwhile working on the programming for wheeled vehicles with appropriate suspension systems for the truck. They have also indicated that the German half-track will be able to easily use both the track and wheel systems as their programming is modular so progress on that vehicle should be swift.

They are also working on the AAA sighting system. That on its own should be an interesting component to these vehicles.

P-39 gets new pilot models

Some aircraft already have new pilot models while others are still being upgraded and in this next IL-2 patch, the P-39L-1 will join the ranks of those with upgraded pilot models. The pilot model will also be dependent on the nationality assigned the aircraft in the mission editor with Russian, German and British pilots. Martin =ICDP= Catney has also done some work to bring a RAF skin to the P-39. Nice!

Rough field landings

Last week, we learned that 1CGS was working on their terrain modeling and that the result would be areas that should be bumpier will have more undulations in the terrain. Many of us were wondering how that might affect aircraft like the U-2VS which was well known for touching down in the occasional field. Well now we can see how the rough field handling affects the U-2VS… and it’s very workable for folks attempting to do that.

All of this and more on the IL-2 forum.


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  1. Michael Thomas Dwyer says:

    Nice, now we can do SAR in IL-2.

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